Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Couscous Power Bowl

What Is Moroccan Food?

Morocco was a major hub along the spice trade route between Europe and the Far East, so its cuisine includes herbs and spices from all around the world, often featuring more than 20 in its flavorful blends.

Cinammon, a staple in the Moroccan spice pantry, is commonly used not only with lamb, but also with grains and couscous which are also staples of the cuisine. Cumin is also popular and is great to use on meat and veggies. Moroccan chefs commonly use turmeric for an earthy, gingery, peppery flavor, as well as for its bright yellow coloring. 

Try some of these herbs and spices the next time you want a hint of Morocco in your own dishes.

Tips On How To Cook Moroccan Food

What To Use When Cooking Moroccan Food

Explore easy ways to use these herbs and spices for delicious Moroccan flavor. 


Create a Moroccan stew with chicken, chickpeas, dried apricots, cumin seed and black pepper and fill your kitchen with the full flavor of Moroccan cuisine. Try McCormick Ground Cumin.


Moroccans use Turmeric —along with a potful of other spices—in the slow-cooked meat and vegetable stews called tagines. Try McCormick Ground Turmeric.


Cinnamon brings a sweet spiciness and adds layers of depth and richness to Moroccan chicken and vegetable stews. Try McCormick Ground Cinnamon.


In addition to adding a vibrant red color, paprika also gives Moroccan food a rich depth of flavor. Paprika's fruity, slightly and sweet notes complement the variety of other spices in Moroccan cuisine. Try McCormick Paprika.


Ginger is a popular aromatic seasoning in Moroccan spice blends and it really pairs nicely with spiced kebabs. Try McCormick Ground Ginger


The flavor of mint permeates Moroccan cuisine in mint tea and other beverages, as well as in tagines, koftas and other savory dishes. Try McCormick Gourmet Organic Mint.

White Pepper

White peppers complex, earthy flavor complements the spicy rich dishes of Morocco. Try McCormick Ground White Pepper.


One of the key ingredients in the Moroccan seasoning Ras al Hanout, coriander adds an earthy citrusy note perfect for slow cooked tagines or lightly cooked seafood. Try McCormick Gourmet Organic Ground Coriander.

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Beyond Moroccan Cuisine

Switch up some of the herbs and spices for a different take on your favorite dish.

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