About Chive Uses, Pairings, and Recipes

About Chive Uses, Pairings, and Recipes


A small grass-like perennial plant belonging to the onion family. They are aromatic, hardy, and grow in clumps of slender, onion like tubular leaves with lavender flowers in the spring.


Chives pair nicely with these herbs and spices. Try them together the next time you're in the kitchen cooking something up for lunch or dinner.

  • Parsley: Parsley is mildly flavored and so versatile. Add to pasta, potato or chicken salad. Mix with melted butter and toss with vegetables or potatoes.
  • Thyme: Cultures all over the world look to thyme as a great source for its unmistakeable, fresh aroma. One of the highest compliments to pay a Greek warrior, for instance, was to say he smelled of thyme. And in the Middle Ages, thyme was used to fend off nightmares. Today, our pure thyme holds its greatest place of honor in the kitchen as one of our most popular herbs.
  • Garlic: Dried garlic takes on a mellow, round flavor that elevates recipes both savory and sweet. Garlic is a member of the lily family, native to Central Asia and cousin to leeks, chives, onions and shallots. It’s the most pungent of the lilies, with a strong flavor and aroma. Unless you’re using it to ward off vampires, as people have done since the 1700s, it pays to use allium sativum with a gentle hand.
  • Red Pepper: Use our pure red pepper to enliven any dish with vibrant flavor and fiery spice. There’s no better place to turn if you’re looking to add spicy, intense flavor to any dish. You know your crushed red pepper is fresh if it sets your nose tingling when you take that first whiff. It should be a deep red color, with flecks of yellow seeds. Ground red pepper, also called cayenne, started life in the New World as a particularly intense member of the capsicum family of chili peppers. It has since traveled the globe, bringing intense chili heat and vivid red color to every kitchen it enters.
  • Sesame Seeds: Toasted sesame seeds’ golden color and nutty flavor are perfect for encrusting chicken and fish. Add to Asian stir-fries, rice and noodles. Sprinkle on salads and vegetables.




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