Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

Pad Thai

Once you get comfortable with the basic ingredients of Thai cooking, it's easy to cook and super rewarding.

Herbs and spices play a vital role in Thai cuisine's emphasis on the five fundamental tastes: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. Ginger, red pepper, mint and cilantro help achieve this balance and are traditionally used in noodle dishes and soup broths.
Try these herbs and spices in your own dishes and impress guests with a taste of Thailand, or just cook with them for your everyday dinners.


Thai Flavor Stories

Thai Flavors

Explore easy ways to use these herbs and spices for delicious Thai flavor.


Ginger's spicy sweet flavor stands up to bold Thai flavors and in an important ingredient in curries, sauces, and stir fry's. Try McCormick Ground Ginger.


Cilantro leaves appear in cuisines around the world, from India, China and Thailand to the Middle East, to Mexico and South America. Try McCormick Cilantro Leaves.

Red Pepper

Cooks in Mexico, Italy, China, Thailand, India and North Africa all rely on crushed red pepper to bring spicy heat to the table. Try McCormick Crushed Red Pepper.


The vibrant flavor of mint helps to cool the fiery flavors of Thai cooking and serves as a great counter to balance stronger flavors such as galangal, fish sauce, tamarind and lemongrass. Try McCormick Gourmet Organic Mint.


Garlic in Thai cooking serves as a foundational flavor that is an essential starter to many of the classic dishes found in this region. Try McCormick Garlic Powder.


Ground cumin plays an essential role in providing earthy, robust undertones and rounding out the flavors of jungle curry and fish dishes throughout Thailand. Try McCormick Ground Cumin


Turmeric is a colorful addition to Thai marinades for chicken. Whether in curries, smoothies or soups, it reinforces the tropical appeal of coconut milk. Thai chicken or shrimp coconut soup, anyone? Try McCormick Ground Turmeric.


Coriander is a common ingredient found in some of Thailand's best known curries including red curry, Panang curry and Massaman curry.

Thai Recipes

Beyond Thai

Switch up some of the herbs and spices for a different take on your favorite dish.

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