Korean Cuisine

Korean Cuisine


Korean food gets its reputation as being packed with flavor because of the herbs and spices it traditionally features in its dishes.

Red pepper, ginger and garlic help to bring out the vibrant flavor of the cuisine, and Koreans are typically very liberal with the amount of spice they use while cooking. If you want to add a little savory crunch, sesame seeds are great for noodle and chicken dishes.
Try these herbs and spices the next time you want to add a little Korean flavor to your dishes.


Korean Flavor Stories

Korean Flavors

Explore easy ways to use these herbs and spices for delicious Korean flavor.

Red Pepper 

Crushed red pepper helps to amp up the heat of Korean cooking acting as a great complement to Gochugaru. Try McCormick Crushed Red Pepper.


An indispensable ingredient in Korean cooking, ginger brings bright, fresh, vibrant and spicy notes that are a great complement to the savory fermented ingredients commonly used. Try McCormick Ground Ginger.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are a favorite in Asian kitchens and are especially popular in Korean marinades for beef or the popular Korean BBQ wings. Toast them first for a rich, nutty flavor in your dishes. Try McCormick Sesame Seeds.


Garlic is a very important ingredient in Korean foods. It is included as the base flavor for many dishes, most notably Korean BBQ. Try McCormick Garlic Powder.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper features an intense woody-piney flavor that is hot and biting to the taste, adding bold flavor to Korean creations. Try McCormick Ground Black Pepper.


Chives offer a refreshing green punch to highly seasoned Korean food. Try McCormick Freeze-Dried Chives.


Onion is a popular ingredient in many Korean recipes. Its sharp flavor and aroma help build the strong flavors that are typical to Korean cuisine. Try McCormick Onion Powder.


Gochugaru helps give Korean cuisine its characteristic warmth without being overpowering. Red pepper gives a little lift to all of the other flavors commonly found in Korean cooking. Try McCormick Gourmet All Natural Korean Style Red Pepper.

Korean Recipes

Beyond Korean

Switch up some of the herbs and spices for a different take on your favorite dish.

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