Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian Cuisine


What is Peruvian Food?

When it comes to flavoring Peruvian dishes, you can really be flexible with the types of herbs and spices because there's something for everyone, from the warm spiciness of cumin to the mellow, savory and slightly sweet punch of garlic.

Historically, the ingredients changed depending on where you lived in Peru. People in the mountains, for example, typically ate spicier dishes because Peruvian ají amarillo and ají rocoto chilies are grown only at high elevations. Other popular herbs and spices include cumin, smoked paprika, coriander, ancho chile and oregano. 

Try some of these herbs and spices for a little Peruvian flavor in your next dish.

Peruvian Flavor Stories

What To Use When Cooking Peruvian Food 

Explore easy ways to use these herbs and spices for delicious Peruvian flavor.


Cumin is a common spice in South American cuisine. Its distinctive aroma and earthy flavor spice blends like adobo, or used in traditional recipes such as choclo al comino, which is corn with cumin and lime. Try McCormick Ground Cumin.

Smoked Paprika

The use of smoked paprika may have come from Spanish influence. Its smoky, sweet and fruity flavor is perfect for Peruvian style roast chicken or sprinkled on roasted plantains. Try McCormick Smoked Paprika.


Just like in Italian food, oregano is a foundation of tomato based sauces. Examples of these peruvian dishes are tallarines rojos and corvina a la chorillana. Try McCormick Oregano Leaves.


Garlic is not native to Peru, but most likely came from Spanish influences. It is now a popular base flavor in many dishes. Try McCormick Garlic Powder.


Mint is a refreshing and cooling addition to Peruvian spicy sauces and condiments. Try McCormick Gourmet Organic Mint.

Black Pepper

Ground black pepper adds an earthy kick and sharp aroma when mixed into Peruvian stews or rubbed on meat before cooking. Try McCormick Ground Black Pepper.


Turmeric's vivid orange color and sharp flavor are the power behind Peruvian dishes such as Cau Cau and Aji Gallino. Try McCormick Ground Turmeric.


Coriander is a perfect complement to other Peruvian spices, like cumin and turmeric. it brings a floral citrusy note to Peruvian staples such as roast chicken and rice. Try McCormick Organic Ground Coriander.

Peruvian Recipes

Beyond Peruvian

Switch up some of the herbs and spices for a different take on your favorite dish.

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