About Mint Uses, Pairings and Recipes

About Mint Uses, Pairings and Recipes


Refreshing spearmint adds cool flavor to beverages, spring vegetables, or fruit and grain salads. A traditional seasoning for lamb, stews and marinades



Add some more flavor to your meals with these herbs and spices. They go great with black pepper.

  • OreganoIn Greek, oregano means “joy of the mountain." Even though it's super popular today, it actually wasn't wasn’t widely used in the U.S. until GIs returned from Italy during World War II. Our pure oregano is a delicious addition to any tomato dish, eggs and omelets, chicken, fish and pork, cooked vegetables, vinaigrettes and more. Consider it your go-to herb for that real Mediterranean flavor.
  • Thyme: The plant’s tiny leaves—just a quarter inch at most in length—must be carefully harvested, cleaned, dried and milled to retain their rich color, piney aroma and earthy flavor. In the ancient world, thyme was a symbol of courage and bravery. One of the highest compliments to pay a Greek warrior, for instance, was to say he smelled of thyme. And in the Middle Ages, thyme was used to fend off nightmares. Today, our pure thyme holds its greatest place of honor in the kitchen as one of our most popular herbs.
  • CilantroThe bright bold flavor of cilantro makes its home in the kitchens of Mexico, India, China and Southeast Asia. Add to stir-fries, salsa, guacamole, fajitas and curries.
  • Paprika: McCormick sources whole paprika pepper pods from farmers in warm, dry climates. The paprika grown and bottled by McCormick is nothing but the purest. Paprika is a New World spice, meaning it didn’t take hold in Europe until the 1600s, where it was introduced to Europeans by Bulgarians and Turks. Perhaps best known as the garnish on deviled eggs, our pure paprika has a world of other uses. Use it as an addition to soups, rubs, marinades, sauces and more.
  • BasilSweet and fragrant basil complements tomato-based dishes including pizza, pasta and marinara sauce. It also pairs well with vegetable, chicken, pork or seafood.