Bring the Flavor With These Delicious Fish Recipes

Bring the Flavor With These Delicious Fish Recipes

Bring the Flavor With These Delicious Fish Recipes

From fried halibut and chips to poached haddock or a seafood salad, fish is a versatile food with plenty of varieties to choose from, and so many ways to cook them. Where do you begin? Read on for some pointer to help inspire you and delight your diners.

Best Ways to Cook Fish & Cooking Tips:

Tips for choosing and preparing fish fillet

Your fish cooking journey starts long before you hit the grill, oven or saucepan. Choosing the right fillet at the grocery store is an important step. If you're looking for fresh fish, avoid a slimy texture and check for a fresh smell (if it smells of the ocean, that's a good sign).

Also, pick the right kind of fillet for the cooking method you're planning. You can grill most fish, but thicker options like tuna or grilled salmon recipes will stand up especially well to the heat. More delicate fishes like sole can still be grilled gently but are often better suited for baking or pan frying.

Easy fish recipes in under 30 minutes

Some of the most impressive-looking fish recipes are often the fastest to prepare. Take this Grilled Swordfish & Cauliflower Skewers with Gunpowder Spice recipe for example. It delivers seafood restaurant vibes but takes just 18 minutes to prepare. Another grilled fish recipe, this Caribbean Grilled Tuna, brings a delightful heat thanks to our Hint of Sea Salt Caribbean Jerk Chicken Seasoning.


Add some McCormick Perfect Pinch Lemon Pepper Seasoning to this Lemon Pepper Fish for one of our favorite tilapia recipes, which offers a mouthwatering combination of citrus and spice.


Alternatively, poach haddock, sea bass or cod in a fragrant herb broth to make this White Fish with Simmered Tomatoes dish.


The fastest of our fast and tasty fish recipes, though, is this Supreme Salmon Salad. It takes just 12 minutes, or even less if you're using yesterday's grilled salmon leftovers. Our McCormick Salad Toppins pack it with a punch of flavor and crunch.


Tilapia recipes for tacos and more

If you're looking for something of the handheld variety, a Fish Tacos recipe could be the way to go. These bite-sized beauties are perfect for tilapia recipes, and they offer plenty of creative flavor options. For example, these fiery Easy Baja Fish Tacos mix cool, fresh cilantro with a McCormick Chili Powder kick.


Tilapia isn't just for tacos. This Pan Seared Moroccan Fish with Spiced Couscous is one of our favourites, with its imaginative use of North African spices and sides.


Alternatively, put tilapia under the broiler. Broiled tilapia recipes like this one just need a little help from our McCormick Salt Free Garlic and Herb Seasoning to delight your diners.


Grilled fish recipes

Fish were made for the barbeque. Searing seafood on the grill creates an appealing look and a rich taste, especially if you season your fish with one of our BBQ flavorings.

Searing isn't the only option, though; you can also steam on the grill. This Grilled Tilapia recipe uses a foil packet to cook your fish over the grill, "en papillote" style, in a Savory Herb Butter that you make yourself. The foil envelope protects the fish, enabling you to cook it over direct medium-high heat without it sticking to the grill.


Salmon is another popular fish for grilling. Honey Ginger Grilled Salmon is one of our favorite salmon recipes, offering a combined sweet-umami flavor in every bite.


For a little more heat, check out our Grilled Chipotle Maple Salmon with Wilted Spinach recipe, which uses McCormick Chipotle Chili Pepper for a kick.


Delicious Baked Fish Recipes

If you're cooking indoors, baking fish gently in the oven can produce memorable results. Our Lemon and Herb Baked Fish is seasoned with McCormick Garlic, Herb and Black Pepper and Sea Salt All Purpose Seasoning to deliver salmon fillets with an herby, savory flavor and crust.


Feeling more adventurous? Round things off with a Red Tea Smoked Sea Bass with Cinnamon Caramelized Plums. Smoke this fish with red tea leaves, Szechuan style, in your oven for a truly unique smoky flavor.


Fish is so versatile - you can get flashy with more complex recipes, or whip up simple seafood dishes for the busiest of evenings. Either way, it's a feel-good meal option that will keep your family coming back for more. 

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