Top 6 McCormick Seasonings and Blends to Try This Year

Top 6 McCormick Seasonings and Blends to Try This Year

street tacos

As we celebrate the new year, we can’t help but reflect back on 2019 and all the amazing flavors McCormick brought to your table.

This year was all about helping you get dinner on the table faster. But not just your run-of-the-mill weeknight meals. We’re talking savory glazed salmon, juicy peppercorn steak and food truck style tacos. (Yes, seriously, these impressive dishes ON A WEEKNIGHT.) Armed with a few of the hottest products on the grocery store shelf, all of this can be a reality in your home too. Check out our favorite McCormick 2019 products below!

Seasoning Mixes to Make Quick & Easy Weeknight Dinners & Meal Prep 

McCormick Speedy Sides Seasoning Mix Kit

McCormick Speedy Sides Seasoning Mixes: Herb Butter, Sesame Teriyaki, and Three Cheese

When it comes to whipping up quick and delicious side dishes, it doesn’t get any easier than these seasoning mix kits. Just add your favorite fresh or frozen veggies. Then shake to coat and microwave right in the tray. Choose from three irresistible flavors – Herb Butter, Sesame Teriyaki or Three Cheese – to pair with your favorite entrées.

McCormick Speedy Sides Three Cheese Mix with Broccoli and Herb Butter Cauliflower

Why we love it:

1. Mouthwatering flavor in each seasoning packet
2. Made with McCormick herbs & spices
Convenient weeknight meal solution
4. Ready in three easy steps
5. Microwave-safe lid and tray included
6. Tray is 100% recyclable

McCormick Complete Meal Seasoning Mix Kit

McCormick Japanese Complete Meal Seasoning Mix

Craving takeout? Skip it. And recreate your favorites at home with these all-in-one meal seasoning kits. Each kit includes three seasoning pouches to flavor one entrée and two sides in total. Best of all? The on-pack shopping list tells you everything you need to get dinner on the table fast. Choose from Steakhouse, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese and Mexican.

McCormick Complete Meal Chicken Penne Carbonara & Peppercorn Steak Mixes

Why we love it:

1. Get all the seasonings you need in this all-in-one seasoning kit
2. Make 1 entrée and 2 sides with a single pack 
3. Made with McCormick herbs & spices
4. Just add meat and fresh produce for a complete meal
5. Get globally inspired flavors right in your kitchen
6. Family-friendly (with minimal prep and easy clean up)

McCormick Street Tacos Seasoning Mixes

Assorted McCormick Street Taco Mixes

Taco Tuesday … Friday … whatever night you like to taco-it-up, take it to the next level with our food truck inspired seasonings! These easy taco seasonings range from Southwest Ranch to Carne Asada, Pork Carnitas and Baja Fish, so there’s an authentic Mexican flavor for everyone at the table. (Margaritas optional.)

McCormick Carne Asada and Baja Fish Taco Recipes and Seasoning Mixes

Why we love it:

1. Get bold flavor at-home (without having to visit the taco truck)
2. Made with McCormick herbs & spices
3. Making pork carnitas? Prep them in the slow cooker
4. Get Southwest Ranch, Baja Fish & Carne Asada ready in just 15 minutes 
5. Family-friendly (with minimal prep and easy clean up)

McCormick Flavor Cubes Seasoning

Put down the measuring spoons. These individual use, flavor-loaded seasoning cubes contain just-the-right amount of vibrant herbs and spices to help you season one pound of meat or veggies. Use them to create recipes like Mexican Casserole, Baked Chicken Taquitos, Pineapple Fried Rice and Cajun Sausage – on the busiest of weeknights.

McCormick Sheet Pan Cajun Salmon & Asparagus and Thai Pineapple Fried Rice Recipes

Why we love it:

1. Make 6 dishes with 1 jar of seasoning cubes
2. Time-saving, convenient pre-measured seasoning cubes come individually wrapped
3. Made with McCormick herbs & spices
4. Adds quick boost of flavor to pastas, soups, sauces and more
5. Choose from four delicious cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Thai & Cajun
6. No MSG added

McCormick ONE Dish Seasoning Mixes

Assortment of McCormick One Sheet Pan and One Skillet Seasoning Mixes

For meals as easy to make as they are to clean up, look no further than McCormick ONE Dish Seasoning Mixes. Each single-use packet is loaded with herbs and spices to bring bold flavor to easy weeknight meals (whether they’re meat and veggie) that come together on a sheet pan or in a single skillet. What’s on the menu? Creamy Chicken, Bourbon Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Parmesan … the list goes on and on.

Check out more one skillet and sheet pan recipes here.

McCormick Southwest Chicken & Vegetables & McCormick New Orleans Style Sausage & Vegetables Dishes and Seasoning Mixes

Why we love it:

1. Meal prep and meal planning can be done in 1 sheet pan or skillet 
2. Minimal prep and cleanup
3. Endless variety of flavors and recipes – check ‘em all out here
4. Family-friendly (with minimal prep and easy clean up)

McCormick Sugar & Spice Blends

Assortment of McCormick Sugar and Spice Seasonings

Finally, we’re talkin’ sweet stuff! It’s nearly impossible to resist these super-fun shake on blends. Flavors like Lemon Ginger, Blueberry Vanilla and Apple Cinnamon lend their sweet, spiced pizazz to pancakes, oatmeal and smoothies. The nostalgic queen of the bunch, Birthday Cake, has all the rich, vanilla, cakey flavor and gram-worthy sprinkle color you’d expect – perfect for cookies, popcorn, milkshakes and more!

McCormick Birthday Cake and Lemon Ginger Seasonings Sprinkled on Top of Cookies and a Cupcake

Why we love it:

1. Sweet, shake-on flavor 
2. Great on baked goods, cupcakes, iced lattes and blended into smoothies
3. No artificial flavors
4. No colors from artificial sources
5. There’s a birthday cake flavored blend – need we say more!?

Shake these blends onto more desserts here.

Can’t get enough of these easy-to-use McCormick seasonings? Shop more of our collection here.

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