Wow Your Family with These Amazing Glazes

Wow Your Family with These Amazing Glazes

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Want to take any meal from average to amazing? Put a glaze on it. 

Made from a mix of sugar and seasonings — really, the combinations are endless — glaze caramelizes as it cooks, adding depth of flavor. It amps up the sweetness in desserts, and plays perfectly off the savory notes in veggies and meat. 

It’s also so, so simple to put together, allowing you to elevate any meal in an instant. Read on for nine of our favorite glazed recipes, whether you’re in the mood for a subtly sweet side, a gourmet glazed main or a decadent glazed dessert. 


Slow Cooker Cinnamon Sugar Glazed Carrots

Carrots’ natural sweetness and earthy notes make them the perfect backdrop for a glaze. And this cinnamon-spiced recipe is so, so comforting. Brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger and butter combine for a glaze that’s warm and cozy. These require a long roasting time but just a few minutes of active prep, so they’re ideal for a laid-back Sunday dinner. 


Ginger Glazed Carrots

Ginger and carrots are a match made in heaven, and these zippy glazed carrots are perfect for the holidays. They’re made with a honey and orange juice glaze warmed up with ground ginger and nutmeg, plus a pinch of dried parsley for a savory twist. They also come together quickly on the stovetop for stress-free entertaining. 


Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Glazed Green Beans

If you want a side dish that tastes fancy but is deceptively simple to make, these green beans are a must-try. The slow cooker does all the work, allowing the soy and brown sugar glaze to infuse each bite with salty-sweet flavor.


Honey Glazed Salmon

Sweet, savory or spicy? With this recipe, you don’t need to choose. This dish gets a pleasant kick from a homemade hot honey glaze, with orange juice for brightness, ground ginger for zip, and sesame seeds for crunch. It tastes as good hot as it does cold, so consider making a double batch to enjoy fresh from the fridge the next day.  


Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops

A naturally sweet meat like pork tastes best with a tangier glaze, and this balsamic-spiked recipe is sure to please. Balsamic vinegar, chicken stock, minced garlic and basil leaves add savory notes that play perfectly off the meat, while a tablespoon of brown sugar adds just a hint of sweetness. It’s as easy as it is delicious: You can have dinner on the table in just 25 minutes. 


Roast Pork Tenderloin with Ginger Peach Glaze

Dreaming of peach season? Try this summer-inspired glazed tenderloin. Peach preserves make the ideal base for a homemade glaze, adding both sweetness and subtle texture (we recommend chunkier preserves for the strongest peach flavor), while ground ginger adds just enough spice to make things interesting. 


Cayenne Cinnamon Ribs with Maple Glaze

Meet the star of your next cookout! These crowd-pleasing ribs feature all the textures you love: fall-off-the-bone tender meat, with crispy edges thanks to the glaze. Speaking of glaze, this one packs a potent savory kick thanks to paprika, garlic and ground cinnamon, with a generous dash of cayenne pepper for spice. 


Cinnamon Vanilla Glazed Walnuts

If you’re in the mood for a sweeter treat, give these DIY glazed walnuts a try. Made with sugar and cinnamon, they’re packed with all the cozy flavors you love — plus a pinch of cayenne pepper for just a hint of heat. They store well in an airtight container for up to two weeks for convenient snacking, and also make the perfect edible gift. 


Mini Baked Donuts with Vanilla Glaze

Next time you’re craving a cafe-inspired treat, give these baked donuts a try. This recipe is oh-so-simple to make, using all-purpose baking mix as a shortcut to save time on measuring. You can whip these up in just 25 minutes for impromptu snacking or short-notice guests — and enjoy a Coffee Shop Latte on the side. 


Put a Glaze on It 

Can't get enough of glazed food and desserts? Here's more glaze recipes you'll enjoy:

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