How to Make French Toast with 7 Crave-able French Toast Recipes

How to Make French Toast with 7 Crave-able French Toast Recipes

How to Make French Toast with 7 Crave-able French Toast Recipes-url

French toast may be the ultimate comforting breakfast treat, transforming ordinary bread into a delectable delight. Wondering how to make French toast? Despite its fancy name, the dish comes together with just a few everyday ingredients. At its core, French toast is simply bread soaked in a mixture of milk or cream, eggs and vanilla — often with a dash of cinnamon or other spices — then grilled to golden-brown perfection.

Of course, the many variation options mean that you can have a slightly different type of French toast every time you make it. That might include creative takes on spices, toppings and types of bread. In fact, one question many people have is what is the best bread for French toast. The easy answer is “whatever bread you have on hand,” because there really is no wrong way to make French toast. However, sturdy types — such as sourdough, brioche and challah — are good choices because they will stand up well to the liquid.

French toast is also an ideal use for bread that’s gone a bit stale, as dryer bread will soak up more of the delicious batter, leaving you with a satisfying contrast between the crisp exterior and tender, custard-infused interior.

However you choose to make French toast, there’s no denying this toast upgrade will make getting out of bed that much sweeter. Check out these French toast recipes that will help you up your breakfast game.


We’ll start off with your new go-to: a basic French toast recipe that uses five ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. While this will certainly help get the morning off to a great start, it’s also a sterling candidate for BFD…that is, breakfast for dinner. This French toast recipe is delicious all by itself, but it also can be a blank canvas for sweet or savory toppings, from fruit to whipped cream to bacon bits.



While McCormick Ground Cinnamon is a common ingredient in most French toast batters, this easy French toast recipe uses the classic French toast base then calls for including an additional shake of cinnamon in your pancake syrup for another jolt of spice. You could even add a dash atop a cloud of whipped cream for a triple cinnamon kick.



The last thing you want to do on a holiday morning is preside over fussy breakfast prep, which is where this French toast recipe shines. After your family is nestled all snug in their beds, spend a few extra minutes mixing and dipping your bread of choice, then let the baking dish rest overnight in the fridge to soak up the deliciousness of your batter. In the morning, you’ll just pop it in the oven for a breakfast that might well become a holiday tradition. This recipe is particularly festive, with apples and cranberries adding a seasonal flourish.



And here’s another take on the baked French toast model that evokes another seasonal favorite — the rich taste of eggnog. This recipe is similar to the one above but it also includes McCormick Rum Extract With Other Natural Flavors and McCormick Ground Nutmeg for the distinctive taste you know and love.



It’s no longer a hurdle to carve out time for a hearty breakfast when you make this satisfying slow cooker French toast. You’ll mix the ingredients and pour them into the slow cooker, then go about your business while you wait 90 minutes for it to perform its magic. Your family will imagine you spent hours laboring over this satisfying delicacy, when in reality you were just enjoying a quiet cup of coffee or an invigorating workout.



This easy French toast recipe takes the classic up a notch with a velvety filling that provides an irresistible luscious creaminess. Simple enough for every day but elegant enough to start at a sophisticated brunch, this takes all the ingredients commonly used in French toast batter, then adds a twist with a package of whipped cream cheese mixed with brown sugar to form the lush stuffing.



We’re not done yet! For this take on stuffed French toast, take the delectable ingredients above and add a teaspoon of McCormick Coconut Extract With Other Natural Flavors for a taste your family or guests will go, well, nuts over. In fact, you can pair the two stuffed French toast recipes and make something for everyone.


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