At McCormick® Grill Mates®, we strive to return grilling to its rightful reputation. To champion authentic flavors and time-tested techniques. To stray from the fussy and celebrate the simple. To share no-nonsense recipes and hard-hitting flavors. And to celebrate the memories made around the grill.

Grill with the Best

Grill Mates is here to up your grilling game. We believe in big, bold flavor and the pursuit of grilling mastery. We celebrate grillers and the thrill of victory that comes with grilling flavorful dishes that’ll have your guests asking for more.

grill mates montreal steak seasoning and a burger

We know that not all passionate cooks are found inside the kitchen- many are found outside, behind the grill. And with our wide range of epic, bold flavors, home cooks don’t have to be pitmasters to master the grill.

Because when you have fire and Grill Mates seasoning blends, rubs and marinades, there’s nothing else you need.


Find recipes from BBQ chicken to grilled vegetables and everything in between.