Build Your Own Burger (And More) Bar

From classic toppers to adventurous condiments and sauces, nothin’ says summer like a DYI burger, hot dog and sausage bar.

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Grilling Tips

 We know our stuff when it comes to grilling. And with a few tricks, videos and recipes, you, too, will be master of the flame. Bring on the heat below.

The Cuts

Start grilling with flavorful cuts that keep it bold and interesting, whether it’s tender and juicy bone-in chicken or a weeknight grillout with quick n’ easy boneless tenders. Check out our top picks for Grill Mates.

1. Drumsticks: classic BBQ food. Throw them in a resealable plastic bag with Brown Sugar Bourbon Single Use Marinade before grilling. 2. Whole Chicken: the Beer Can Chicken necessity. Grill to 165°F internal temperature. 3. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast: pound uneven cuts so they cook evenly. Get bone-in chicken breast for extra flavor. 4. Wings: crispy exterior and tender inside. Try Mesquite Marinade for delicious smoky flavor.

A delicious recipe

If It's Skin-On, Do This

Use the reverse sear method to grill skin-on chicken: start meat on the indirect heat zone (lower heat with no flames visible) then move it to the direct heat zone (higher heat with flames visible) to sear and make the skin crispy. This trick will cook and char chicken to perfection.

A delicious recipe