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McCormick® Grill Mates® Montreal Steak Seasoning

Flavor You Can See!™ Shake on this robust blend of coarsely ground peppers, garlic and spices for bolder tasting steaks and burgers.
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Usage Tips

Shake 1 tablespoon Seasoning per 1 pound steak, burgers or pork before grilling or broiling.

Full Ingredients


Serving Size

1/4 tsp.

UPC Code

52100002453 (3.40oz)

52100025759 (6.37oz)

Nutrition information (per Serving)

  • 0Calories
  • 0gmgCholesterol
  • 180mgSodium
  • 0gTotal Fat
  • 0gFiber
  • 0gCarbohydrates

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“My whole family loves this seasoning and I can't imagine ever being without it. Both the marinade and the seasoning blend are yummy on steaks!”


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  • King of seasonings

    Thomas Stumpp | June 06, 2014

    (5.0) stars)
  • Our favorite seasoning in our house! We ALWAYS use it on hamburgers and steak, but I've also been know to put it on tomatoes, in pasta dishes or mix it up with mayo for a sandwich spread. I highly recommend it.

    Michelle | July 25, 2014

    (5.0) stars)
  • This spice is missnamed, it should be called Montreal GREAT Seasoning. Its not only for grilling... Its not only for steak and burgers, try it on pork, chicken, veggies... Even eggs! I have seared roasts with it , grilled and breaded meats. I dont use salt and pepper anymore!

    AuburnWolf | June 07, 2013

    (5.0) stars)
  • Love it...

    VickyLee256 | April 05, 2014

    (5.0) stars)
  • Absolutely love this seasoning. Couldn't remember where I bought it from and when I ran out I couldn't find it in any shops. Ended up getting a large container from eBay.

    Gillian | March 22, 2014

    (5.0) stars)
  • We always keep a big container of Montreal Steak Seasoning in our spice rack... It's usually all we put on our steaks before grilling!

    David | March 22, 2013

    (5.0) stars)
  • Simply the best on steaks and burgers.

    Vladimir Tankhimovich | June 30, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • I love this blend! I buy the big container at Costco! I use it for hamburgers, steak, pork chops, even potatoes!

    Tammy | March 12, 2013

    (5.0) stars)
  • Great on any type of meat or salads! Adds so much extra flavor!!! Thank you, McCormick!

    Karla | August 29, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • I love this steak seasoning. I used it on my old man's steak and I even got a compliment on its taste.

    Sarah | November 08, 2013

    (5.0) stars)
  • I put your seasoning on just about everything I eat! Chicken, mac and cheese, salad and more. I absolutely

    Susan | June 26, 2015

    (5.0) stars)
  • I use this incessantly on just about everything - this stuff is absolutely amazing.

    Kerri Ebright | February 14, 2015

    (5.0) stars)
  • Love this on steaks of any kind. My favorite. Getting hungry thinking about this seasoning. Montreal Steak Seasoning rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

    Drew | April 12, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • LOVE THIS STUFF!!! Since I live in China and we don't get many 'home like' meals I treat this stuff like gold! It's an easy way to get a back home taste with little hassle. IF ONLY they didn't sell it in TINY little bags at $3 a pop (You know the kind that they put earrings in) They are making serious money just off of one lg container!

    REI | August 10, 2013

    (5.0) stars)
  • en ecuador donde lo puedo comprar

    Luis Chavez Franco | August 16, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • After reading great reviews about this product on Amazon I decided to order a big container. I paid 2.5 times the cost of this pack towards the shipping charges to India. Its worth every single penny. Tried it on chicken and lamb, added extra minced garlic and cumin powder.....delicious, yum!!!

    Amit Karia | October 23, 2013

    (5.0) stars)
  • This is one of my favorite seasonings, but I need to eliminate all possible major sources of iodine in my diet now. Does Montreal seasoning contain iodized salt? Is it kosher salt, instead, or ?? Thanks! -db

    Hillary | May 25, 2014

    (5.0) stars)
  • I take this everywhere I go and put it on EVERYTHING in place of salt & pepper.

    Susan | October 03, 2014

    (5.0) stars)
  • My whole family loves this seasoning and I can't imagine ever being without it. Both the marinade and the seasoning blend are yummy on steaks!

    Shawni | March 14, 2017

    (5.0) stars)
  • I like the flavors when cooking steaks, but there is a little too much salt for me. Is there a salt free or low sodium version?

    Mark Magan | July 17, 2013

    (4.0) stars)
  • Does monster steak have gluten?

    Yulis | August 28, 2014

    (2.0) stars)