Irresistible Italian Recipes That Will Have Your Guests Saying 'Delizioso!'

Irresistible Italian Recipes That Will Have Your Guests Saying 'Delizioso!'


If there’s one type of cuisine that’s nearly universally beloved, it just might be Italian food, with its vibrant flavors and regional variety. From the lighter herb-infused seafood dishes of the southern coast to the hearty, robust flavors of the north, the diversity of climates and agriculture present a wide-ranging menu of “pasta-abilities.” Still, despite this variety, there are some fundamental ingredients that unite the most celebrated Italian dishes — tomatoes, grains, olive oil and Italian seasonings like basil and garlic — earning Italian food its crowd-pleasing reputation.

These recipes featuring Italian seasoning, many of them surprisingly simple, cover the gamut and are sure to captivate even the most particular of palates. 


No roundup of Italian food would be complete without a lasagna recipe. There’s no denying that lasagna is a dish that’s relatively time-intensive — compared with, say, spaghetti — which is another reason this lasagna recipe is an all-around winner. With no-boil noodles, you can eliminate a step (and a pot). The multiple tomato products provide a zesty verve to the rich meat sauce, and we’re partial to McCormick A Hint of Sea Salt Neapolitan Pizza Seasoning. Once this spice is in your pantry, it will become a go-to, not only for this recipe, but any time you want your taste buds to sing.



What’s hot, hot, hot right now? Pepper, that’s what. And you’ll find plenty of heat in this five-ingredient pasta perfection, an Italian recipe named for its star ingredients, cheese and pepper. This straightforward, yet decadent, Italian dish allows you to craft an easy weeknight staple that nevertheless feels (and tastes) elegant. It proves you don’t need an extensive list of ingredients to concoct something spectacular.



Italian food = pasta, right? Not necessarily! If you’re in a bit of a carb overload, noodle on this recipe instead of…well…noodles! This one-dish meal comes together in a short half hour, yet the rustic, flavorful sauce will have your tablemates thinking you spent all day perfecting it.  While McCormick Perfect Pinch Italian Seasoning evokes a picturesque Italian villa, the surprise addition of a whisper of sugar helps amplify the natural zest of the tomatoes and make all the flavors sparkle.



This saucy dish marries the best of fresh, healthy seafood (a key ingredient in the acclaimed Mediterranean diet) with pasta and the welcome bite of McCormick Crushed Red Pepper to create an entrée that balances nutrition and flavor for universal appeal. This versatile combination allows for a fast and flexible dinner, but definitely whip up more than you need because this makes a divine leftover. You’ll be counting down the minutes until lunch the next day.



This recipe takes a few simple components and spikes them with a symphony of spices to create a crave-worthy classic. While this variation calls for a blend of lean ground beef, you could also use other ground meats like chicken or turkey for a slightly different flavor nuance. Nestle these hearty bites atop a plate of spaghetti, pop them into a roll for a meatball sub, or serve them on their own with an inviting dish of warm marinara sauce for dipping.



Red sauce is undeniably delicious, but it’s not the only showstopper among classic Italian pasta dishes. In fact, few sauces satisfy cravings as reliably as indulgent alfredo with its rich, velvety texture. Yet making alfredo sauce can be a bit of a task, entailing a lot of whisking and melting. Instead, stash some envelopes of McCormick Creamy Garlic Alfredo Sauce Mix in your pantry and combine it with just three other staples — pasta, milk and butter — to have this sauce ready in the time it takes your pasta water to boil.



No Italian meal is complete without ending on a sweet note, and this dolce deliciousness is a different take on the Italian favorite tiramisu. You’ll get the same flavor profile of biting into layers of tiramisu bliss, but in a crowd-friendly individual serving size. Best of all, the recipe uses a customized cake mix as the foundation, making it forgiving to those among us who are not natural bakers. A dash of cocoa powder sprinkled on clouds of creamy frosting adds the perfect presentation note.


Other recipes to try:

Can’t get enough of Italian dish variations? We get it! Here are a few other delicious takes, using many of the same McCormick Italian seasonings. Feel free to experiment with different shapes of pasta and types of protein for a fresh spin on Italian recipe classics that will delight your friends and family.

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