Plants Pushing Boundaries

Plants Pushing Boundaries

The plant-based world is now mainstream – some started by throwing kale or other greens into a smoothie for added health benefits and have since reimagined the make-up of their plates by moving veggies from sides to the main dish. This trend is about embracing all the brilliant color, vibrant ingredients and playful plant flavors that heighten the eating experience. Whether vegan or just curious, there’s truly something for everyone – color, texture, satiety and even sweetness – in this boundary-busting trend.

Textural Experiences

Vegetables such as hearts of palm, cactus, and lobster mushrooms bring a hearty texture to indulgent, plant- based meals.


  • King Trumpet "Scallops" Soba Noodle Bowl
  • Carrot Hot Dogs

  • Charred Vegetables

    Charred vegetables, particularly when used in sauces, give dishes a darker color and a rich flavor profile.


  • Charred Tomato Ketchup

  • Color Indulgence

    The key to this evolving theme is the use of natural plant derived ingredients, such as ube, for color to attract foodies to ‘eat with their eyes.


  • Cinnamon Carrot Cake Ice Cream With Cookie Crumble  
  • Iced Ube Latte

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    Earth Signs are aligned with Plants Pushing Boundaries as these signs are grounded and strong, but embrace what’s deep and complicated, and are willing to explore.  Find your Flavorscope:
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