Red Pepper

Use our pure red pepper to enliven any dish with vibrant flavor and fiery spice.



Peppers that make the grade are harvested, sun-dried, and shipped whole for milling and packaging. Each batch can be traced back to its source, which helps us to ensure quality and consistent levels of heat. You can count on every bottle of McCormick Red Pepper to deliver a consistent heat, deep red color and ratio of seeds to pods. McCormick Red Pepper, also called cayenne pepper, is made from the seeds and pods of red, ripe chili peppers that have been gently sun dried and milled. We test each batch of peppers for color, flavor, aroma and heat. Such close attention to every harvest is the only way to ensure that you can count on cayenne from one jar of McCormick Red Pepper to offer the same level of heat and deep, red color as the next.