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Red Pepper

Crushed red pepper is on the rise. The fiery spice is gaining popularity among chefs and home cooks seeking a zesty flavor boost. Pure crushed red pepper has a vibrant, red color with flecks of yellow and delivers an intense, peppery bite. With crushed red pepper joining the ranks of the most widely-used spices, it makes sense to cook with one that delivers the purest flavor.


McCormick Pure Red Pepper McCormick Pure Red Pepper

Pure Freshness

Crushed red pepper is made from the seeds and pods of red chile peppers. Each new crop is tested for color and heat strength to determine whether it meets our high standards. Peppers that make the grade are harvested, and shipped whole to maintain freshness. The chile peppers are sun dried under quality control in trays to prevent contamination and undergo numerous quality checks to ensure only pure red pepper flavor makes it into our bottles.

Pure Authenticity

Pure flavor comes from a pure product. We go to great lengths to ensure our crushed red pepper is 100 percent authentic flavor. This begins with our collaborative relationship with farmers who use geo-tracking to monitor the pepper crop’s progress from any location. During harvesting and drying, we conduct six thorough inspections – three times the industry standard – to remove bruised or damaged pods. These extra steps deliver a more flavorful and intense heat when you’re ready to spice up dinner.

Pure Consistency

We want pure red pepper taste to shine through in every dish you make. After years of testing, we discovered the seed-to-pod ratio that produces the purest red pepper flavor. Our goal is for that ratio to go into every bottle we make. Our global partnerships allow us to maintain consistent, high-quality processing practices. Other producers may incorporate fillers, stems, additives or other foreign matter during the milling process. We want nothing to get in the way of pure red pepper flavor.

Pure Difference

What does pure flavor look like? Pure crushed red pepper has a deep red color from the flakes and is lightly flecked with yellow seeds. It should have a slightly fruity, chile pepper aroma with a consistently spicy heat. Crushed red pepper that appears dusty may be over-milled or contain fillers. Our commitment to pure flavor brings the optimum level of heat to your favorite dishes.

McCormick Pure Red Pepper McCormick Pure Red Pepper