ASMR | Scallops With Citrus Dill Butter & Spinach Couscous

ASMR | Scallops With Citrus Dill Butter & Spinach Couscous

Video Length: 05:18

April 15, 2021

Listen to the sizzling sounds of cooking scallops and the chopping and mixing of ingredients for this delicious seafood dish.

Watch along as our chef shows you how to cook scallops and the steps to making a great meal for the whole family. Can you boil scallops? Yes you can, but for this recipe you will grill them on a pan to get them nice and crispy and to use the flavors for your sauce. Butter can help give a nice salty and creamy flavor to any recipe but this citrus dill butter gives it a lemony orange kick you will love. Lay all of your scallops and vegetables on top of a bed of couscous to round out the meal.

Get the Seared Atlantic Calico Scallops With Citrus Dill Butter And Spinach Couscous

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