Love Eggnog? Try 8 Eggnog Desserts That Twist the Favorite Holiday Flavor

Love Eggnog? Try 8 Eggnog Desserts That Twist the Favorite Holiday Flavor

Love Eggnog Try 8 Eggnog Desserts That Twist the Favorite Holiday Flavor-url

For most people, the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without traditional iconic flavors like spicy gingerbread and refreshing peppermint — complemented by the king of holiday beverages: rich, creamy eggnog.

With its decadent blend of sweet notes of cream, sugar, eggs and signature spices, eggnog is a time-honored holiday staple that's perfect for celebrating the season. While sipping a frothy beverage will always hold appeal, the great news is that eggnog flavor can be enjoyed in additional multiple ways.  Read on for a smorgasbord of eggnog dessert recipes and even some cocktail recipes that incorporate the complex notes of eggnog into a wide variety of seasonal favorites.


This sophisticated take on homemade eggnog includes spices like McCormick Gourmet Organic Saigon Cinnamon Sticks and McCormick Gourmet All Natural Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Make sure you start your preparation early. Refrigerating the beverage overnight is a key step in order to meld all the delicious flavors properly. For the adults in the room, you can add rum or brandy for an extra kick of warmth and spice for an eggnog cocktail.



These rich eggnog cookies will wow your guests with love at first bite. The delicate cookie is infused with a creamy concoction of butter and confectioners’ sugar and then it’s enrobed in chopped walnuts to provide a pleasing crunch. Standout notes come from McCormick Rum Extract With Other Natural Flavors and McCormick Ground Nutmeg.



These orbs of flavor perfection will be the star of a dessert buffet or treat tray for neighbors. While they’re beautiful to look at, what’s even better is their distinctive taste thanks to being spiked with McCormick Rum Extract. This eggnog dessert recipe includes several easy steps, but since they’re spaced a bit apart, with plenty of chill time, these eggnog treats are the ideal baking project to intersperse with other holiday must-dos, like decorating or wrapping.  



While spiked eggnog is a tasty classic, this gourmet eggnog cocktail kicks up the glitz a notch and is sure to please even the most selective cocktail connoisseur. Best of all it can be whipped up in just five minutes using a few simple ingredients, including McCormick Ground Nutmeg and McCormick Rum Extract With Other Natural Flavors. Cheers to the holiday season, indeed!

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Why should cocktails have all the fun? Answer: They shouldn’t. And they don’t have to when you give your morning cuppa some holiday flair. It couldn’t be easier (even if you had, ahem, one too many eggnog cocktails the night before). Simply add milk and sugar to your brewed espresso, then top with two McCormick extracts to create this festive sip.



Whether you’re getting up early for a head start on holiday shopping or you’re enjoying a leisurely morning of family time, there’s nothing like having a luscious homemade breakfast ready to go. Try this eggnog French toast dish as a creative twist to a traditional overnight breakfast bake that’s sure to become a holiday favorite.



These eggnog cookies are satisfying all on their own, but they also pull double duty as edible gift tags that add personalized charm to any present. Break out mini paint brushes and colored icing for a fun DIY holiday activity for the whole family.



With their delicate, crunchy shell and silky, creamy filling, French macarons are a refined indulgence that lend elegance to any dessert display. This eggnog-inspired version brings luscious holiday flavor to every bite, using classic holiday spices like McCormick Gourmet Organic Ground Saigon Cinnamon, McCormick Gourmet Organic Ground Cloves and McCormick Ground Nutmeg, set off with a splash of brandy for the eggnog taste infusion you crave.



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