Love Eggnog? Try These Twists on Holiday Favourites

Love Eggnog? Try These Twists on Holiday Favourites

Love Eggnog Try These Twists on Holiday Favourites-url

For some, holidays are all about the food. Traditional flavours include spicy gingerbread, cool peppermint and tart cranberry, but one of the most iconic refreshments is rich, creamy eggnog.

With its decadent blend of sweet notes of cream, sugar, eggs and signature spices, eggnog is a time-honored holiday classic that's perfect for celebrating the season. While sipping a frothy beverage will always hold appeal, the great news is that eggnog flavour can be enjoyed in additional ways. Read on for a smorgasbord of eggnog recipes that incorporate its distinctive notes into a wide variety of seasonal favorites, ideal for entertaining or enjoying in your own peaceful family moments.


Homemade eggnog has long been a fan favourite, but this concoction adds a twist with a can of cream of coconut or coconut milk that imparts a nutty sweetness. And although it’s called “eggnog,” it doesn’t actually contain any eggs, which can be a relief if your egg stash has already been directed to cookie baking. This version originated in Puerto Rico, where friends and families raise a shot glass to toast one another. Why not make it a new holiday memory for your gang?



Here’s another twist on eggnog, and yep, this one does have eggs in it — six yolks, in fact. It gets its coconut flavor from Thai Kitchen Coconut Cream, a single ingredient that does a lot of heavy lifting. Add rum or brandy to give it an adults-only kick.



Spiked eggnog is a tasty classic, but this gourmet eggnog martini kicks up the glitz a notch, especially when presented in an elegant coupe — the most modern way to serve a martini. This sophisticated sip will please even the most selective cocktail connoisseur, with its notes of Ground Nutmeg and Imitation Rum Extract. À votre santé!



These delicacies serve as a divine hostess gift or will shine as part of a dessert buffet or treat package for coworkers. No one will ever guess that this extravagant truffle recipe only calls for five ingredients. However, while they’re simple to prepare, there are several chilling steps required so make sure you leave ample time for them to set up. While they’re beautiful to look at, what’s even better is their distinctive taste that comes from a shot of Imitation Rum Extract.



The rich cream cheese filling is punctuated by the classic eggnog tastes that come from adding notes of Imitation Rum Extract and Ground Nutmeg. Your guests will never guess that you didn’t spend hours crumbling and mixing to perfect the flaky crust. The secret? Ladyfingers, brushed with a swirl of orange juice to give it a tangy, citrusy zest.



Looking for a new way to celebrate Christmas morning or ring in the New Year? This delicacy is sure to become a holiday favorite — for your family and the “chef” as well! That’s because it’s a snap to put together the night before. Wake up, pop it in the oven and enjoy a leisurely breakfast that they’ll think you labored over all morning. A blend of Pure Vanilla Extract, Imitation Rum Extract and Ground Nutmeg give it the distinctive eggnog flavour you crave.

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