Welcome to the Flavor Forecast 22nd Edition! The Flavor Forecast 22nd Edition showcases the nuance, complexity, and passion that goes into a perfect bite: Time as a Luxury Ingredient - the investment, savoring and saving of time though cooking, Plus Sweet - a shift in sweetness from the spotlight to supporting role, and Food Stories - celebrating the power of women in food and flavor.
time as a luxury trend


Press pause on the world, and the world will cook. Given the gift of time through heightened isolation and reflection around the globe, more people are cooking than ever before. And the luxury ingredient? Time. Whether invested or saved, it’s being savored through the discovery of shortcuts, preservation methods, and playing around with how to slow time down even further. Trust us when we say, this is about way more than baking another banana bread. 

Time as a Luxury Ingredient Recipes

plus sweet trend

Plus Sweet

Skip the full-on sugar rush. Everything we once thought about what it means to be sweet is off the table. Sweetness is being balanced with other favorite flavors—savory, smoky and heat for an unexpected complexity that’s satiating and often unexpected. As we move away from overly sweet and improvise on reducing sugar, there is experimentation and fluidity in what it means to be “sweet,” whether expressed as a no rules, layered approach in ice cream or salad—sweet notes are intermingled with other flavors. 

Plus Sweet Recipes

Rediscover the potential of sweet

For the first time, we’re launching limited-edition seasoning blends alongside the Flavor Forecast, so you can bring these trends to your own kitchen. With our new Flavor Inspirations blends, Vanilla, Lime & Thyme and Miso Caramel, you can experience the new frontiers of Plus Sweet.

food stories


Pioneering new flavors requires experimentation, skill, confidence, and resilience.  Food Stories celebrates those that chart new territories and explore flavors that surprise, delight, and transport us to shared experiences. 
These are the chefs and innovators who lead with their whole selves and develop flavors that take us on a full sensorial journey. Their authenticity, passion, and personal stories are what transform satiation to pleasure. 


This year’s food story celebrates the power of women in food and flavor – from professional female chefs and restaurant operators to the grandmothers passing down recipes to keep generations-old technique alive. 

Food Stories Recipes

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