Sweet & Seasonal Satisfaction

Sweet & Seasonal Satisfaction

As the seasons change, so do tastes. Warmer summer months create a craving for flavors that are cooling, refreshing and recharging. Meyer Lemon with Lemon Thyme, Limoncello & Lemon Peel and Ancho Chile Pepper & Hibiscus answer the call for cool. Chillier months flood our sensory system with nostalgia, driving us to foods that comfort and connect to cozy, warm memories of past. Smoked Spices and Pumpkin Pie Spice & Coconut Milk inspire the evolution of these past flavor traditions generation after generation.
Smoked Spices and Herbs
The tongue-tingling effect of smoked spices and herbs is an easy way to dial up richness in meals and drinks. This build on familiar smoky flavors that have been hiding in plain sight for years - like smoked cinnamon and cardamom- is a natural progression in offering the next wave of smoke-forward flavor.
Pumpkin Spice and Coconut Milk 
An unexpected duo, this lush, warm pairing of pantry staples reconnects the components of a familiar American spice mixture with their tropical roots. Everything from the cocktail shaker to the backyard grill is fair game when it comes to this power couple. 
Ultimate Lemon 
When life gives you lemons … you pucker up! Meyer lemon, with its mellow acidity, lends itself to the familiar, pleasing bitterness of lemon peel, the sweetness of Limoncello and the citrusy, herbal notes of lemon thyme. The result is a bracing symphony of ingredients that showcases the lemon’s multi-dimensional flavor profile. 
Ancho Chile Pepper & Hibiscus 
Tart, floral notes of exotic hibiscus, alongside the lingering heat of ancho chile pepper, create a lively Latin combo. This sweet heat flavor combination is explosively delicious, tempting the flavor profile cocktails, sauces and more. 
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