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How To Make Chilaquiles | Mexican Inspired Breakfast

How To Make Chilaquiles | Mexican Inspired Breakfast

Learn how to make Chilaquiles for a delicious easy breakfast that uses a couple shortcuts.

Traditionally this Mexican breakfast dish has lightly fried corn tortillas that are simmered with red or green salsa and sometimes includes a meat. You can garnish Chilaquiles with onions, peppers, avocadoes, tomatoes and for a little kick, jalapenos but really it is up to you on what to add.

Want to know how to make tortilla chips at home? Well you’re in luck because our recipe uses baked tortilla chips instead of fried. We use homemade tortilla chips for this recipe because we can control the salt level and they will hold up better with the sauce. Just cut up some tortillas and pre-heat the oven, oh and follow Cameron’s step by step directions.

Watch along on how to make this Mexican inspired breakfast recipe.

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