Try These Tremendous Tomato Recipes!

Try These Tremendous Tomato Recipes!

Try These Tremendous Tomato Recipes-url

Sliced, diced, cooked or raw, it's hard to go wrong with tomatoes. Whether you choose big, beefy heirloom tomatoes or a juicy cherry variety, the possibilities are endless for this versatile food. We've picked some of our tomato recipe favourites to bring vibrant colour and tastes to your table.

Tomato starters

How about a crunchy, tangy tomato starter? This Mediterranean Tomato Tart is a joy to make, and even more fun to eat. Salty olives, combine with rich red tomatoes and swiss cheese to make a fast and easy tart that you can cut into squares for an appy. Our Salad Herbs, combined with drizzled olive oil, create a fantastic savoury flavour in the oven.


What's more heartwarming than a bowl of tomato soup? It's perfect for cold days, when it's raining outside and the couch is calling. This Chunky Tomato Soup recipe works just as well in a bowl or a big, comfy mug. It takes minutes to make, and contains smoked ham and vegetables. That makes it great as a starter, with bread for a full meal, or as a hearty mid-afternoon snack. Our Garlic Plus seasoning packs more flavour than you'd expect into this soul-warming soup. Don't blame us if you can't resist a second helping.


Tomato sauces

Tomatoes can easily create a homemade ketchup to die for. Layer on the complex, bitter-sweet flavor of grilled, charred tomatoes with sugar, cider vinegar, Club House Ground Allspice and smoky paprika in our Charred Tomato Ketchup. The fresh veggies that go into this dish create a taste bomb that will supercharge burgers and hot dogs straight off the grill. The biggest challenge will be letting this sauce simmer for 40 minutes without taking too many sneaky spoonfuls.


For something more complex, dive into this Tomato Grapefruit Carpaccio with Yuzu Kosho Butter recipe. Japan's famous Yuzu Koshi chili-citrus seasoning blends with garlic powder and butter to make the flavoured butter for this dish. Under the flame of a kitchen torch it turns into a vinaigrette that covers caramelized grapefruit, slightly charred tomato, and milky burrata cheese. This isn't just a side dish - it's a full-on spectacle.


Tomato salad

You can't go wrong with a tomato salad, especially one that mixes flavors as imaginatively as this Cucumber Tomato Salad recipe. Burst-in-the-mouth cherry tomatoes bring an explosion of sweetness to this dish, which also features crunchy red onion. The thing that really grabbed us about this salad was the tangy dressing, which blends our own Classic Yellow Mustard with cider vinegar and sugar. It creates a silky, tangy coating that takes simple ingredients to the next level.


Tomato mains

Tomatoes are just as at home in a hot dish as they are in a sauce, side or salad. Check out this Parmesan Tomato Rice dish for a different take on a family staple. Our Parmesan & Herbs mix blends with diced tomatoes and spinach to create a colourful meal. Frankly, it's just as good on its own as it is with another main.


Rice goes perfectly with our Tomato Basil Casserole recipe, which is a more complex main meal blending various herbs with a rich medley of veggies. This is a healthy dinner that will have everyone asking for seconds.


Always try to have tomatoes somewhere handy. These juicy little wonders are a gift from nature. Used with a little imagination, they can be a gift to your kitchen, too.


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