Holiday Gravy with a Twist

Holiday Gravy with a Twist

holiday gravy with a twist hero
Holiday Gravy with a Twist

Move over turkey. This holiday season, we’re taking McCormick® Turkey Gravy and Brown Gravy Mixes to rock star status - with creative ingredient twists like refreshing apple juice and warm cinnamon. Use these exciting tips to create gravy that compliments the flavor of all your Thanksgiving dishes, making for a truly memorable meal.

How to Make Perfect Turkey Gravy

Watch this video to learn how to make deliciously smooth turkey gravy. Hint: it involves two packets of McCormick® Turkey Gravy Mix.




Hearty Herbed Turkey Gravy
The secret to this luscious mashed-potato-and-turkey-topper? McCormick poultry seasoning. This recipe calls for less water, making it richer and thicker than other gravies.



Apple Sage Turkey Gravy
Bring the flavors of the season to life by mixing crisp apple juice and sage into turkey gravy. If you like fruit in your stuffing, Apple Sage Turkey Gravy is the perfect pairing.



Garlic and White Wine Turkey Gravy
Take your gravy from great to gourmet with a few unique add-ins. Try white wine and garlic for an interesting flavor profile that goes well with stuffing, mashed potatoes and of course – turkey!



Creamy Brown Gravy
Like your gravy on the creamier side? Make it with milk! Garnish with parsley for a pop of color.



Perfect Brown Gravy
Dial up the deep, rich flavor of already delicious brown gravy with a simple ingredient: beef drippings. They’ll add hearty, holiday flavor that can’t be beat.



Herbed Mushroom Brown Gravy
Just a few simple flavor mix-ins, like fresh mushrooms and thyme, help add savory, rich flavor to holiday brown gravy.


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