Munch Guilt-Free On These Better-For-You Snacks

Munch Guilt-Free On These Better-For-You Snacks

Munch Guilt-Free On These Better-For-You Snacks-url

Is chocolate your guilty pleasure? Midnight ice cream your secret shame? Don't worry. We've all got one. Us foodies at McCormick have seen them all. We knew one person who loved pouring cream over ice cream. Another creative soul puts chocolate candy into their hot buttered popcorn for the guiltiest movie night ever. Who are we to judge? Don't knock it till you've tried it.

Life is too short not to enjoy our guilty pleasures. The secret is not to enjoy them so often that they're unhealthy and not-so-special anymore. Instead, you can mix them up with some guilt-free snack ideas that leave you both satisfied and feeling good about your choices. Here are some better-for-you recipes to explore.

Fruity snack ideas

Dried fruit makes a great snack. It's highly portable, doesn't perish easily and packs the same nutrients as fresh fruit but in a denser package. You can use modest helpings of it to satisfy your sweet cravings. While dried pineapple, mangoes and apricots are all tasty on their own, you can turn them into something absolutely fabulous with this Tropical Twist Energy Balls recipe. It mixes these very fruits with chia seeds and pecans for a high-protein energy ball snack. The tropical element in this snack comes from a little extra something: coconut and imitation rum. Good for you and tastes like a vacation? Count us in!


Apples are a healthy snack already, but sometimes they can do with a little lift. Make a mouthwatering snack from a humble Gala or Granny Smith by transforming it into Cinnamon Apple Rounds. Preparation takes next to no time, but trust us when we say, you might never go back to eating a naked apple again. Coring and cutting the apple into rounds makes a perfect hand-held treat that you can top with pretty much anything. This recipe suggests cranberries, almonds, and chocolate chips, but you can use your imagination to create anything you want. If you decide to replace that soy butter with chocolate spread, go for it!

cinnamon_apple_rounds-1376x774 (1).webp

Crispy, feel-good snacks

Fancy something with a little more crunch? Our Everything bagel with sesame seed and onion mix is the secret ingredient in these Keto-Inspired Crackers, which uses almond flour, cream cheese, cheddar and mozzarella to create a tasty dough. Sprinkle some more of that mix on top of the baked crackers for a moreish treat.

If you want something crunchier still, these Crispy Roasted Chickpeas will be just right. Paprika and Garlic Salt combine with a little olive oil to make one of the tastiest high protein snacks we've ever eaten.


Kale isn't something to ever feel guilty about. It's the little plant that could; wholesome, perky and insanely healthy. If it isn't peppy enough for you already, this Zesty Lemon Kale Chips recipe takes it to the next level to satisfy your savoury snack cravings.

Making them couldn't be easier; just toss these precious green leaves in oil, along with Organic Sesame Seed and our Lemon & Pepper Grinder for some extra tangy flavour. A little Paprika adds a mild, sweet flavour with just a hint of heat, or you can substitute our smoked version for a more sultry, smouldering taste.


The great thing about this recipe is its speed. Sure, you can use a dehydrator to crisp up these beauties over a few hours, but an oven will do it in five minutes.

An energy ball or a bowl of roasted chickpeas are good for the soul. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet or savoury, these feel-good snack options will have you covered.

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