Global Finds

Global Finds

Celebrating the root of a cuisine – an ingredient combination, signature dish or cooking method – is a great start when trying new something new. Cultures evolve but the preservation of regional flavors remains priority in honoring heritage. Or step outside of the box and explore global flavors “your way.” Shine a spotlight on some of our favorite Global finds that deserve another look.
Latin America
Beloved in kitchens across Brazil, Bahian seasoning is an on-the-rise blend of oregano, parsley, peppers and cumin that top chefs rave about in its ability to seamlessly deliver the vibrant, flavorful traditions of Brazil to the table. Embrace this rich, versatile herb and spice blend by experimenting with its application in stews, seafood and vegetable dishes.
Get your hands on Mexican recados, a popular sour orange and annatto-flavored Yucatan spice paste. Commonly used in marinades for hearty cuts of meat, it originated with the Mayans, and is now alive and well as a long-standing heritage flavor of Mexico today. You may already be familiar with it as the star ingredient in cochinita pibil (pulled pork) – try it with chicken and fish too! 
Modern Mediterranean
Mediterranean cuisine has moved swiftly into the 21st century in a fusion of Eastern Mediterranean ingredients with Western European classics. Create dishes that are homey and fresh at the same time, celebrating the best of what both these worlds offer. Don’t know where to start? Barberries – a small dried fruit livens up sweet and savory dishes - and baharat seasoning – are both a go.
The more you eat dukkah, the more addictive this spice blend from the North African region becomes. Totally customizable, this simple mix of toasted nuts and seeds can be salty, sweet or even spicy. Typically sprinkled on olive oil-dipped pita bread (yum) it’s equally as delicious with vegetables, pasta and rice, or rubbed onto seafood and meats before grilling. Simply put – dukkah can’t be stopped!
Asian Finds
Sushi isn’t the only bite-sized food Japan has to offer. Izakayas – Japanese gastropubs – serve up casual tasting plates, similar to Spanish tapas. Featuring bold glazes, tangy sauces and seaweed seasonings, these dishes are an explosion of Asian flavor.
Destination? Philippines. Feel like you’re there (without leaving the kitchen) with popular Filipino street food like Pinoy BBQ. Flavored with soy sauce, lemon, garlic, sugar, pepper and banana ketchup, these skewers of tender, juicy meat feed the need for sweet, savory and spicy all at the same time. 
Indian cuisine embraces a wide range of cooking techniques and ingredients, reflecting the diversity of the country itself––its people, climates, and cultures. Meet: Kashmiri. Similar to Garam Masala, Kashmiri is a fragrant blend of spices from the region of Kashmir for seasoning lamb dishes, like classic Rogan Josh, chicken curries and vegetables. 
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