2021 Flavorscope: Libra

2021 Flavorscope: Libra

No matter what your sign, a whole world of flavor awaits you in 2021. It’s time to try something different in the kitchen and in your daily life with horoscopes that help find comfort, connect to your body and explore land and sea.

These signs are in tune with the conversation, but they can bring that attention to being in tune with your body too. Air signs know how to expand their minds and bring their sharp intellect to connect with history and learning, so don’t be surprised if they bring the same thoughtfulness to their palate too.

September 22nd - October 22nd  

Expect life to get extra sweet when Jupiter enters Pisces and your zone of health, wellness and service on May 13, Libra! You can’t have any old job now, you need to savor what you do while letting others know you’re a seasoned professional. Leave it to Jupiter to set you up for success in your chosen field and surround you with warm personalities. Be sure to spread the honey by helping those less fortunate than you! 

On May 26, the Sagittarius lunar eclipse could leave you feeling overbaked. Messages can get lost in transit, strange news filters into your community, and weird interactions force you to sharpen your communication skills. You may choose to pursue further education to whip yourself into shape. 

Luckily, you’ll have lots of new ideas and projects to prep once Mercury enters your sign on August 30, yet Mercury will station retrograde between September 27 and October 18, suggesting that you may not have all the ingredients you need to create a stunning final product just yet. Distraction, idle gossip, or stirring the pot might cause you to burn the final product, so balance the heat with gentleness!  
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