A Banana Bread Recipe for Any Occasion

A Banana Bread Recipe for Any Occasion

A Banana Bread Recipe for Any Occasion-url

If you ever forget just how smart mother nature is, remember that she gave us the banana, which is a lunchtime snack that comes in its own packaging. She made it a fun shape that is also smart; a banana's curve comes from the fact that it grows upwards toward the sun. And finally, she made something perfect for an easy banana bread recipe. How cool is that?

We love a nice slice of healthy banana bread with our tea, our coffee, or just with nothing else at all. We know you will too, which is why we've collected our list of banana bread recipes for you to try.

Quick and easy banana bread

Fat is a key part of most baking, but with a little imagination, you can go beyond the oil and butter that you find in most recipes. This Coconut Banana Bread recipe uses Coconut Milk to create a moist banana loaf with a delicate coconut flavour that blends beautifully with bananas and cinnamon.


You can never have too much banana in banana bread. If you want to increase your banana flavour, then this Double Banana Bread recipe is for you. It folds Imitation Banana Extract into a batter that includes tangy sour cream to cut through the sweetness. Add chopped walnuts for an extra layer of flavour and a wonderful crunchy texture.


For those with a chocolate craving, look no further than this Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipe. Our Club House Organic Ground Cinnamon, combined with Pure Vanilla Extract, creates a sweet and slightly spiced taste profile that mixes with semi-sweet chocolate chips to create a moist banana bread recipe. Eat it hot out of the oven to savour those extra-gooey chocolate drops.


Banana bread that isn't bread

Putting banana bread into a loaf form is just a suggestion. The best cooks like to colour outside the lines. We have two recipes for banana bread-flavoured snacks that aren't actually bread at all.

First, check out our Banana Bread Oatmeal Cookies, which you can have on the table in just half an hour. They use the cinnamon, mashed bananas, and vanilla that you find in many of our banana bread recipes, but also blend in quick-cooking oats for a more solid texture. These last up to five days in an airtight container. We don't think that will be a problem with these fast-disappearing favourites.


Banana bread for breakfast? You betcha. These Maple Banana Bread Pancakes use mashed banana blended straight into the batter to create a sweet, filling breakfast pancake packed full of banana flavour. Our Imitation Maple Extract is a great way to infuse maple taste straight into these moist, chewy breakfast treats. Prove you're a real banana-lover by serving them up with some sliced banana on top. With a little cream and maple syrup, you've got yourself a breakfast that you'll remember all day.


Nature didn't give us banana bread, but she gave us everything we needed to make it. You'd be doing her a disservice if you didn't try at least one of these easy banana bread recipe options, right? In fact, maybe you should try two recipes, just to be sure you give this friendly little fruit the respect it deserves.

In need of more banana treats? Try these other recipes:

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