Pad Thai
Thai Basil

McCormick Gourmet™ Thai Basil

If you already love the sweet, aromatic freshness of basil, then Thai Basil is a must-try. This popular Eastern herb, with its subtle minty, anise notes, helps elevate stir-fry, curry and noodle dishes to a whole new level of delight. Darker in color than regular basil, and with a purple hue, Thai Basil makes a beautiful garnish for sorbets and fruit slushies, too.

Packaged in our innovative FlavorSealed bottles to lock in fresher flavor, color and aroma.

• New! McCormick Gourmet Thai Basil

• Sweet flavor of basil with notes of mint and anise

• Add to stir-fry, curry, salad dressings and marinades

• Innovative FlavorSealed packaging for freshness of flavor, aroma and color

• All natural, non-GMO

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