Spicy Revolution

Spicy Revolution

The nuanced heat of peppers is showcased in our Chilies Obsession trend. Chilies can deliver sour, sweet and smoky elements – and sometimes even fruity – providing a canvas for spices and other flavors. Beyond chilies, globally inspired sauces and seasoning blends pack a punch in our Heat Plus Tang trend – offering up chamoy sauce in Mexico and sambal in Southeast Asia. Finally, the tingling pungency of peppercorn delivers a complete sensory experience in Sweet on Pepper
Chilies Obsession
With hundreds of varieties, each chile brings a unique level of heat, distinctive flavor and usage to the table. These are the chilies to watch as you incorporate them into grilling marinades, salsas, sauces, beverages and more. 
  • Aji Amarillo– Bright orange, thick-fleshed chile that is ubiquitous in Peruvian cuisine.
  • Guajillo– Mild Mexican dried chile with a smoky, fruity flavor. 
  • Tien Tsin– Hot Sichuan chile that is considered very hot.
  • Chilie de Arbol– Bold Mexican chile with subtle, smoky taste.
Heat Plus Tang 
All around the world chefs and home cooks alike have embraced tangy contrasts to balance heat in sauces and seasonings. A few big hits? Chamoy Sauce in Mexico – a spicy, sweet and salty condiment made from pickled fruit, lime, spice and chilies typically served with fresh fruit. Sambal Sauce in Southeast Asia – made with chilies, rice vinegar, sugar and garlic delivers heat and tang to stir-fries, noodles, eggs, meat, seafood and veggies. 
Sweet on Pepper 
Pepper’s tongue-tingling, bold edge is tempered by naturally sweet ingredients like syrups and exotic fruits. After hiding in plain sight for so many years, pepper is finally capturing the spotlight. Its up-front bite and lingering sensation offer the next wave of intense, pungent flavor.  
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