If Everything Bagels, Pizza & Hot Cocoa Were Nut Mixes

If Everything Bagels, Pizza & Hot Cocoa Were Nut Mixes


We like—no, love—a good nut mix. We'll take 'em sweet, spicy, and everything in between. However, we won't stand for any bland stuff—and we do come across lackluster nuts more often than we'd like. And they make us want to do better—to cure the world of boring nut mixes. With these three recipes, we're pretty darn close.

PizzaEverything bagelSpicy Hot Cocoa! They're what your childhood self would've dreamed up had you been thinking about nut mixes (you weren't?). They're the kind of thing you would've opted for in your lunchbox over Fruit Roll-Ups or pudding cups. A tad whimsical and bound to become go-tos, these mixes are what you want to serve at your next cocktail party—or even make just for yourself. Here are 3 mixes to go nuts over, literally—they're just a stir and a bake away.

Pizza Spiced Nuts

Sureyou could have a slice of pizza as a snack (we've all thought about it), but there's no need to roll out a whole pie: Make this nut mix instead. There's Parmesan, tomato paste, croutons, and lots of pizza-y spices. (Side note: Pizza-y should be an adjective.)

Everything Bagel Spiced Nuts

Everything Bagel
Bagels shouldn't be relegated just to breakfast. And they shouldn't have to just be bagels either (stay with us). Here, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion powder, garlic powder, a dash of smoked paprika, and bagel chips are tossed with cashews and almonds for a mix that's as harmonious as a bagel and cream cheese.

Spicy Hot Cocoa Almonds

Spicy Hot Cocoa
We like our snacks a touch sweet and a lot chocolatey. Laced with cinnamon and cayenne, these almonds prove spice is indeed nice—and that hot chocolate is snackable (if not just as good) in nut mix form. 


Photos by Alpha Smoot; graphic by Tim McSweeney


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