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5 Ways to Flavor Your Turkey

For Thanksgiving Flavor with a Twist 

There’s no right way to prepare a turkey. But there sure are some fun ways to try! From basting to grilling, brining, crusting and more, these ideas will add more moisture, texture and all around flavor – to take this year’s bird over the top. Experiment with the turkey prep methods below for Friendsgiving … or dare we suggest … the main event!


Layers of flavor are what make this spice-rubbed turkey the talk of table. Brush oil directly onto the turkey and massage a savory, sage-infused spice blend on top. Roast and coat with a fruity apricot glaze for one sweet finish.

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2M-Sage-Rubbed-Turkey-with-Apricot-Glaze 2-Sage-Rubbed-Turkey-with-Apricot-Glaze


We think stuffing’s so nice, we’re servin’ it twice! Try this “crusting” technique, using the stuffing to coat the outside of the turkey, resulting in a crunchy seal that holds all the juices and flavor inside. Use leftover or store-bought cornbread and crust away! (This recipe pairs well with our Sage & Citrus Gravy.)

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3M-Orange-Sage-Cornbread-Crusted-Turkey 3-Orange-Sage-Cornbread-Crusted-Turkey


Free up the oven and fire up the grill. This is the year of grilling your bird, resulting in a subtly smoky meat flavor. In need of a few tips before you start to experiment? Try these. Rub butter under the turkey’s skin to keep the flavor in. And place orange halves on the grill to stabilize the bird – it cooks upright, through indirect heat.

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4M-Grilled-Turkey-Breast 4-Grilled-Turkey-Breast

Brined Turkey Breast 

Eliminate dry turkey from this holiday forward - and brine your Thanksgiving turkey breast! Our brine recipe calls for mixing water, white wine, salt, sugar and bay leaves in a pot. Submerge the raw turkey breast and refrigerate overnight. The next morning, remove the turkey and pat it dry. Brush breast with oil and sprinkle with seasonings including McCormick® rosemary, thyme and paprika. A few hours of roasting and your Thanksgiving main is set to impress with tender, crispy skin and moist, juicy meat. Yum!

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5M-Brined-Turkey-Breast 5-Brined-Turkey-Breast

Thyme-Roasted Turkey

Keep the ingredients and prep simple, with a five-ingredient rub, featuring McCormick thyme, plus garlic powder, paprika and black pepper. From its herby, thyme-filled aroma to its savory, mouth-watering flavor, this is the turkey Thanksgiving memories are made of.

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