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McCormick® Onion Salt

Onion may be grown in almost any temperate climate. Onion is an important flavoring in almost every country in the world. When combined with other ingredients, onion's flavor is rarely overwhelming or assertive. McCormick®'s dehydrated onion varieties, including Onion Salt, reconstitute in liquid, providing consistently fresh flavor while maintaining a longer shelf life.
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Usage Tips

• Sprinkle on hamburgers, steak, chicken, pork, and seafood before grilling or broiling.
• Add to spaghetti sauce, marinades, oil and vinegar dressing, tomato soup, and vegetable juice.
• Mix into chicken salad, potato salad, meat loaf, and chili.
• Use in breading for baked or fried chicken.
• Sprinkle on pizza, scrambled eggs, rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetables and corn-on-the-cob.

Full Ingredients


Serving Size

1/4 tsp. (1.3g)

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52100006567 (5.12oz)

Nutrition information (per Serving)

  • 0Calories
  • 0gTotal Fat
  • 0mgCholesterol
  • 450mgSodium
  • 0gCarbohydrates
  • 0gFiber
  • 0gSugar

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“If it allowed for less than one star, that's what I would give it. The salt if fine, it's the new...”


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  • If it allowed for less than one star, that's what I would give it. The salt if fine, it's the new top that allows a pound of salt to come out when you try to salt something. It's bad enough that processed foods contain so much salt, now McCormick is making shakers to add even more to our diets. I assume it's so you can use one top on all your spices. Despicable that you are so greedy to the detriment of everyones health. Either that or you have invested in the health care industry. Shame on you.

    Jeff | February 19, 2015 | Reply

    (1.0) stars)
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    We are so sorry you are disappointed with our caps, but do appreciate your feedback, Jeff. We will certainly pass your comments on to our Marketing Team. ~Leslie

    Moderator | June 23, 2017 | Reply

  • red-arrow

    Jeff, why dont you use onion powder instead? Seems like a simple fix for someone like yourself with special dietary needs.

    Brian | October 10, 2017 | Reply