2021 Flavorscope: Gemini

2021 Flavorscope: Gemini

No matter what your sign, a whole world of flavor awaits you in 2021. It’s time to try something different in the kitchen and in your daily life with horoscopes that help find comfort, connect to your body and explore land and sea.

These signs are in tune with the conversation, but they can bring that attention to being in tune with your body too. Air signs know how to expand their minds and bring their sharp intellect to connect with history and learning, so don’t be surprised if they bring the same thoughtfulness to their palate too.

May 20th - June 20th  

Are you ready to align with your higher purpose? Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13, providing you with good fortune and career opportunities! You love to get creative and be bold, but you also need to know when to chill out. You succeed best by showing off your leadership skills while balancing it with offering support to your coworkers, demonstrating that cool heads prevail in a crisis. 

On June 10, a stimulating solar eclipse in your sign is bound to leave you feeling a bit fried, as you let go of unhealthy relationships so you can pursue personal goals. Lately you’ve felt pressed to live up to others’ expectations, as if you are just the complement to their main course. There’s comfort in familiar tastes, but you won’t know your true preferences if you’re unwilling to discover new flavors. 

You won’t have to worry about dining solo for long. Venus enters Sagittarius on October 7, giving your love life the tangy kick it needs! You may experience romance which feels fated now, but remember, you need someone who can balance and complement you. You’re looking for a person who is adventurous, who can keep up with your pace: someone who is spicy on the outside, but soothing on the inside. Keep your senses sharp this fall and you just might meet your match!   
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