Flavor Story: Roasted Garlic Powder, Non-GMO

Flavor Story: Roasted Garlic Powder, Non-GMO


When roasted, garlic goes from a sharp, hot condiment into one that’s deep, rich, toasty and slightly sweet. What a transformation! Add roasted garlic to soups, stews, salad dressings, rubs, marinades—anywhere you’d use raw or dried garlic. The result will be a mellower, earthier garlic flavor. It’s a foolproof way to give your favorite recipes new life. You’ll know it’s McCormick roasted garlic powder if it smells like a sweeter, caramelized version of regular garlic powder.

Creative Uses

  • Use roasted garlic in any dish that calls for raw, powdered or minced garlic. It will bring the rich, mellow flavor that only carefully roasted garlic can deliver. When substituting for raw garlic, start with 1/8 teaspoon for each clove and season to taste.
  • Spanish cooks adore garlic, and use it in such favorite national dishes as the rice dish paella and the beef, chicken and chorizo stew with chickpeas called cocido Madrileño. Using roasted garlic in these recipes will bring deeper flavor.
  • Your favorite Mexican recipes are another perfect home for roasted garlic. Taco and burrito fillings, salsa and guacamole are just a few ideas. We love it in salsas and sauce that feature roasted chilies and tomatoes or tomatillos. The acidity provides a perfect match for the earthiness of roasted garlic.

Perfect Pairings

  • Any creamy sauce—mayonnaise for aioli, white sauce for a cream soup or casserole, cheese sauce for mac ‘n cheese—will perk right up with a pinch or two of roasted garlic. It brings quick, complex flavor to dishes that might be overpowered by raw garlic.
  • Burgers, whether beef, turkey or black bean, go bold with the addition of roasted garlic, ground cumin and thyme. Fold the spices into the burger before grilling or stir into mayonnaise for a dressing, and top with lettuce, tomato and onion.
  • Ready for a new twist on chicken noodle soup? Or minestrone? You can up the game of any soup—even store-bought—by adding roasted garlic powder. We like to sprinkle it in while heating the soup to bring extra flavor to the table.


Q: If I don’t have roasted garlic on hand, what makes a good substitute?

A: You can use regular garlic powder, although it won’t have that rich, sweet flavor. Or you can toast garlic powder in a dry pan over medium heat for just a moment or two to bring out deeper flavor. Roasted fresh garlic is another solution. Use one tablespoon for each teaspoon of dried roasted garlic.

History/Fun Facts

What a two-faced vegetable that garlic is! When raw, it brings sharp, biting heat to the table. Delicious, yes, but sometimes overpowering. When roasted—slowly and gently—garlic turns sweet, mellow and rich. It’s a stunning—and delicious—transformation.


McCormick roasted garlic powder begins with whole heads quality raw garlic grown in rich soil with plenty of sunshine. We remove the papery husk and dry the garlic cloves before slow-roasting and grinding them. It’s a complex process that requires great attention to detail. But it’s worth it! When you taste the results—toasty, rich, deep-roasted garlic flavor—we think you’ll agree.


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