BBQ Chicken and More: BBQ Recipes for the summer

BBQ Chicken and More: BBQ Recipes for the summer

BBQ Chicken and More BBQ Recipes for the summer-url

There's nothing quite so appetizing as sizzling chicken on the BBQ in the summer. Putting this versatile bird on a gas grill (or even better, over charcoal) unlocks its tender, juicy texture and gives it a smoky, charred taste that guests find hard to resist. We collected a set of go-to BBQ chicken recipes that will be a talking point at your back yard grill-off.

Classic beer can chicken

Let's kick things off with a Canadian favourite: Beer Can Chicken. If we could only use one barbeque chicken recipe every summer, this would be it. This dish always excites people at backyard gatherings because it's so moist on the inside and so packed with seasoned flavour on the outside.

If you haven't cooked a bird sitting proudly atop a beer can on your outdoor grill, then you haven't truly barbequed. The beer boils from the open beer can and infuses inside the chicken. While the alcohol evaporates, the moisture and the flavour stay inside the meat, making it practically fall apart on your plate.


Our Montreal Chicken Seasoning also adds flavour to the inside and the outside of the chicken. This convenient bottled blend of classic Quebecois flavours makes a fantastic dry rub that elevates crispy skin to perfection.

BBQ chicken breasts

That seasoning is also the key ingredient in our Montreal Chicken Marinade, blending with oil and vinegar to make a fantastic flavour enhancer for chicken.

Alternatively, sprinkle this Quick Italian Chicken recipe with a little Salt-Free Garlic & Herb seasoning and serve with lemon to add a different kind of flavour to an already tasty barbeque meal.


BBQ chicken wings

If you want to venture even further with your BBQ chicken recipes, then take a trip to the other side of the world with these Indian Spiced Grilled Chicken Wings.

Paprika and hot sauce are the two ingredients that add fire to these bad boys, but the fiery heat isn't the only attraction. Garam Masala, a popular spice mixture used in east Indian cooking, combines with ginger and Ground Turmeric to take simple wings to the next level. Don't put these on your plate without some honey-sweetened yogurt dipping sauce to cool things down a little.


BBQ chicken burgers

Every BBQ needs a burger option, but that doesn't mean beef burgers or hamburgers in a bun. Change it up with BBQ chicken by making these Greek Chicken Burgers with Lemon Pepper Yogurt Sauce.


You wouldn't believe that these burgers only took 10 minutes to prepare when you bite into them. Garlic powder, oregano and our Lemon & Pepper Grinder combine with crumbly feta cheese to create a Greek-themed burger that's filled with surprises. A yogurt and mayo spread even makes the buns extra special.

BBQ chicken drumsticks

Breasts, wings and ground chicken generally use white meat, but some chicken lovers prefer richer, fattier dark meat for a more indulgent taste. To please all-comers, look no further than these Smoky Ranchero Chicken Lollipops, which use drumsticks for a tender southwestern-style bite. They pack a sweet, smouldering punch thanks to our Smoky Ranchero Seasoning.


BBQ chicken on a stick

Those lollipops don't really come on a stick, but chicken kebobs do. These Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Kebobs are sure to keep your picnic guests happy. Chicken breasts nestle neatly next to sections of cob corn, red onion, zucchini and red bell pepper in this easy-to-hold barbeque chicken recipe.


An alternative take on skewered chicken is this Chicken Spiedini dish. (Spiedini is Italian for 'skewers'.) This Mediterranean version uses our Barbecue Chicken Seasoning, which brings a rich mix of barbeque spices and seasoned salt to the party.


These barbeque chicken dishes are all perfect ways to elevate your back yard get-togethers this summer. Add some tasty sides, like Grilled Portobello Mushrooms or a colourful Potato and Bean Salad, and make your BBQ an event to remember.


BBQ Sides and Salads to Pair with

Pair these delicious and refreshing cold sides and salads with BBQ chicken and other barbeque dishes:

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