Try These Fun & Unexpected Chocolate Fondue Dippers

Try These Fun & Unexpected Chocolate Fondue Dippers


Searching for romantic date night inspiration (or family treat night ideas)? As you scroll past pictures of trendy dessert grazing boards and hot cocoa boards, don't forget about the original interactive dessert moment: chocolate fondue.

While chocolate fondue couldn't be simpler, it's also a chance to go wild with what you're dipping. Some chocolate fondue pairings are classic, like strawberries and marshmallows, but why stick to the tried-and-true treats?

Get creative with your fondue dipper options - everything from macarons to mango or savory goodies. Grab a fork and dive in!


a pot of chocolate fondue with various ingredients for dipping


Casey Barber


Chocolate Fondue Dippers

Salty and sweet

Two great tastes that go great together—with a fun and nostalgic spin. Make mini popcorn balls or slice Rice Krispies treats into bite-size squares, or for a nuttier option, try sesame candy or granola bars.

Or just salty

Do a pretzel shape taste test to see if you prefer sticks and rods to waffles and rounds in your fondue. (Spoiler: they're all delicious!) Or experiment with snacks like ridged potato chips, rice crackers and pita chips.

Creamy and soft

There's more to munch on than marshmallows. Make mini cheesecakes or cut a slice of cheesecake into smaller pieces, or pick up a package of mini cannoli and savor the sweet ricotta filling.


Cubes of angel food cake and vanilla pound cake are always classic fondue crowd-pleasers. If you have leftover Belgian waffles from last weekend's brunch, stash them in your freezer, then thaw, warm and cut them up too.

Crunchy cookies

Go international with a selection of light and crisp cookies and treats. Try macarons, meringues or caramel-filled Belgian stroopwafels. (Classics like vanilla wafers and ginger cookies work here too!)

Fresh fruit

Keep the platter feeling light and fresh with whole strawberries and raspberries, or sliced fruit like figs, bananas, apples and pears.

Dried fruit

Raid the bulk aisle for dried apricots, mango or pineapple, or get fancier with candied orange peels.


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