10 Kabob Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

10 Kabob Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

10 Kabob Recipes The Whole Family Will Love-url

When it comes to happiness on a stick, kabobs are just that. Tender chunks of meat or veggies, the perfect marinade and a few minutes on the grill - they really are the prefect food. Worldwide, they take on different names, flavours and culinary traditions: BBQ skewers, shish kabob, souvlaki, yakitori. But at the heart of it all, they always satisfy.

If you're looking for mouthwatering kabob recipes to appeal to vegetarians, pescatarians, and omnivores alike, you've come to the right place. Whether you’re enjoying a family-style feast around the dining table or grilling in the backyard, kabobs are the perfect portable finger food. From chicken skewers and beef kabobs to lamb skewers and shrimp kabobs, there’s something for just about everyone - and every occasion - in this collection

Hit the grill with a few of our favorite kabob recipes below! 

Amazing Chicken Skewers Recipes


1. Szechwan Chicken Strips

Crispy chicken strips are flavoured with Salt Free Chicken Seasoning and Sweet Red Chili Sauce, and then served over a crunchy broccoli slaw for the perfect explosion of texture and taste in this Asian-inspired twist on classic chicken salad. Trust us when we say, it'll change the lunch game forever.


2. Chicken Spedini

If your family loves sweet and smoky flavours, you’ve got to taste these chicken skewers made with Barbecue Chicken Seasoning. Serve alongside mixed grilled vegetables, or on top of spaghetti with tomato sauce for a complete meal.

Dig Into Beef Kabobs and Lamb Skewer Recipes

3. Tanzanian BBQ Skewers with Tomato Onion Sauce

Try your hand at Mishkaki, a boldly spiced, restaurant-style grilled beef dish, similar to shish kabobs. Marinade ingredients include bright flavours like lemon juice, fresh papaya for its tenderizing properties, and spices like Cayenne Pepper and Garlic Powder. Enjoy with a fresh tomato and cucumber salad to round out the meal.


4. Apricot Lamb Kabobs

Welcome the flavours of South Africa to your family's table! In South Africa, these kabobs are known as Sosaties and are served alongside warm pita and a light salad. Marinated in Roasted Garlic & Peppers Wet Rub, these delicious lamb skewers serve up sweet and savoury with a fruity twist.

Try These Shrimp Kabobs and Swordfish Skewer Recipes


5. Shrimp & Mango Teriyaki

What truly sets these tasty shrimp kabobs apart is La Grille Teriyaki 30 Minute Marinade, featuring the robust flavours of soy sauce, sherry wine, and ginger, plus a splash of pineapple juice. Serve with a side of your favourite rice to round out the meal.


6. Grilled Swordfish and Cauliflower Skewers with Gunpowder Spice

Threaded onto skewers before a quick char, vegetables and swordfish get a double hit of Gunpowder Spice (Milagai Podi) in both the marinade and finishing seasoning. Brush with a fig jam and lemon glaze just after grilling and top with more Gunpowder Spice for the perfect balance of spicy and sweet.

More Mouthwatering Skewers And Kabob Recipespork_and_apple_skewers_2000.jpg

7. Honey Glazed Pork and Apple Skewers

Sweet meets smoke with these pork loin and apple skewers that sing with homemade flavour. Smouldering Smoked Applewood Seasoning and a sweet touch of honey bring it all home.

8. Turkey Meatball and Scallion Yakitori

Recreate the Japanese Izakaya pub experience at home with these easy homemade turkey and scallion meatballs. Brushed over skewered meatballs, the red miso glaze, which includes Garlic Powder and Ground Ginger, is the stuff of dreams.

Meatless, Veggie-Forward Kabobs

9. Tofu Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprout Skewers

Hungry for vegetarian kabobs? You’ve come to the right place. These filling skewers are loaded with bold flavour thanks to a marinade featuring tamarind paste, sweet soy sauce, and chile garlic sauce – along with Ground Black Pepper, Ground Ginger, and Sesame Seed.

10. Grilled Potato Kabobs

Crispy grilled potatoes make an easy side to your favorite main. Skewered and sprinkled with Barbeque Chicken Seasoning, this batch has a smoky-sweet taste that’ll keep the whole family craving more.

More Tasty Kabob Recipes To Try

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