Charcuterie Wraps Are the Latest Viral Lunch Hack We Can't Wait to Try

Charcuterie Wraps Are the Latest Viral Lunch Hack We Can't Wait to Try


This unique twist on quesadillas is ideal for using up extra bits left over from a cheese board!



How do we love our charcuterie? Let us count the ways: We love it in jars, on pizza, by mail, and heck, even with hot cocoa!

But here's one idea we hadn't thought of before: Stuffed inside a tortilla. Food stylist and Ain't Too Proud to Meg blogger Meg Quinn took to Instagram to inspire us and change our snacking game once and for all—in a matter of seconds.

She starts with the same concept of the TikTok tortilla hack that we're already sold on, and upgrades it with cheese board fixings … talk about a brilliant way to put those leftovers from last night's snack-a-thon to good use for lunch the next day!

Here's how Quinn suggests constructing your cured meat creation:

  1. Use scissors or a knife to cut a slit from the bottom to the center of the tortilla, stopping at halfway.
  2. Place thin slices of prosciutto in the top right quadrant, sliced Brie cheese and fig jam below (this will position the cheese in a very melt-friendly location), dressed fresh arugula leaves in the bottom left quarter and sliced apples in the top left.
  3. Carefully fold the arugula portion up to meet the apples, fold that double-decker layer on top of the prosciutto, then fold once more to create a pie-shaped pocket that's enclosed on all of the flat ends.
  4. Place in a non-stick skillet, on a grill pan or press inside a panini-make until the cheese is gooey and the tortilla is golden brown.

Once you've mastered the classic, Quinn has another twist using honey-drizzled blue cheese instead of the fig and brie blend, dijon mustard-topped smoked turkey in place of the prosciutto and sliced pears as a sub for the apples.

This concept seems to have zero limits. A few combos we now have on our to-try list (adding that quarter of arugula to all, of course, for a pop of color, crunch and freshness):

  • Cheddar, apples, apple butter
  • Manchego, peaches, honey
  • Mozzarella, tomato, pesto
  • Pecorino Romano, fresh figs, whole grain mustard

Now the only tough choice will be which TikTok hack snack to try first?


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