Peppered Herb Beef Rib Roast
black peppercorns whole

McCormick® Black Peppercorns ,Whole

Black Pepper comes from the dried, immature berries of Piper nigrum L. The deep brown to black, deep-set wrinkled berries, when ground have a characteristic, penetrating odor, and a hot, biting and very pungent taste.

About Whole Black Peppercorns

Black pepper enhances the flavor of meat, gives a spicy bite to soups and stews and brings layers of additional flavor to vegetables. Unlock the Whole Black Peppercorns flavor story here.

Usage Tips

Mix equal amounts Whole Allspice with Whole Black Peppercorns in a pepper mill to create your own special spice blend.

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52100030234 (1.87oz)

52100030388 (3.50oz)

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This product has no significant nutritional value.

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