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        A delicious recipe

        Build Your Own Burger, Hot Dog & Sausage Bar

        Mix-and-match toppings bars are the easiest way to guarantee everyone at the cookout finds something they like. Whether your guests prefer their burgers, hot dogs and sausages classic, or dressed to the nines, the toppings below will help you take flavor to the next level.


        Season your burgers before they even hit the flame with Grill Mates® Burger Mix-Ins. These robust, high-quality sauces, like our signature sweet Brown Sugar Bourbon, can be blended right into your patty mixture. 

        Tasty Burger Toppers

        Create crunch with flavorful add-ons like Asian-Style Pickled Vegetables. A classic pickling spice blend combined with Asian rice vinegar makes a quick-pickling brine for mixed vegetables. Or experiment with sauces to create big flavor with just a few simple ingredients. You’ll go crazy for the smoky, Southwestern flavor of our two-ingredient Chipotle Mayo. And of course, cool and creamy Guacamole makes everything tastier, especially when it's made with McCormick® Guacamole Seasoning. Lastly, give Grilled Fruits, Veggies and Pickles a shake of your favorite Grill Mates® seasoning and grill for a bold finish.

        Don’t forget the basics! Jalapeño peppers, assorted cheeses, lettuce and sliced tomatoes. 

        burger bar tae scape

        Hot Dog & Sausage Bar Toppings


        If you’re a classic dog-lover, try Grill Mates® Classic Beef Franks, starring a bold combo of garlic, onion and red pepper. Or try Grill Mates® Montreal Smoked Sausages seasoned with our iconic Montreal Steak® blend of coarsely ground black pepper, garlic and spices.

        Next-Level Flavor Upgrades

        You’ve shown off your skills at the grill. Now take the flavor to extreme levels of awesome. Create a summery crunch with homemade Dilly Pickle Relish. This recipe shows you how to can them yourself. Or go the super simple route with Grilled Pepper Strips. Toss in oil, sprinkle with your favorite Grill Mates® seasoning, grill and serve. Sauces more your style? Slather your hot dog bun with a twist on the traditional: peppery, Worcestershire Pub Mustard, Smoky Ketchup or sweet and spicy Creole Mustard Sauce. Take it all over the top with the ultimate combo – franks and beans – with our Sweet Hickory BBQ Baked Beans.

        Other dog bar must-haves: Minced onions, jalapeño peppers, sauerkraut and tomatoes.

        Hot Dog Bar Infograpgic