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Christmas Recipes (10)

Browse Our Christmas Recipes.

  • Christmas Pies

    Christmas Pies

    Be sure to bake two! These simple-but-oh-so-sweet recipes will have party guests and family members asking for more.

  • Christmas Cakes

    Christmas Cakes

    Your sweet tooth deserves gifts, too. Celebrate Christmas with a little extra icing this year.

  • Christmas Bread Recipes

    Christmas Bread Recipes

    A selection of homemade breads will keep dinner guests more than happy until the meal is ready.

  • Christmas Entrees

    Christmas Entrees

    These recipes will make the main course shine brighter than the star on top of the tree.

  • Christmas Side Dishes

    Christmas Side Dishes

    Christmas dinner is all about the sides, bring one that’s unforgettable.

  • Christmas Desserts

    Christmas Desserts

    You might be stuffed from dinner, but your tummy will thank you for these amazing desserts.

  • Christmas Appetizers

    Christmas Appetizers

    Christmas dinner doesn’t officially start until the appetizers are devoured and someone is already full.

  • Christmas Drinks

    Christmas Drinks

    The party was packed, thoughts of presents in heads. As one person stirred drinks topped with cherries of red.

  • Christmas Breakfast Recipes

    Christmas Breakfast Recipes

    Presents under the tree beg to be unwrapped, but the whole family is around the table- having a third helping of their midmorning snack.

  • Christmas Holiday Cookies

    Christmas Holiday Cookies

    Leave these sweet treats out for Santa, and if the big guy can’t finish them, it’ll be easy to find someone who can.