Pasta Recipes

Whether you are looking for a one-pot pasta meal for a quick lunch or in need of a quick and easy lasagna to feed the entire family, these delicious pasta recipes will surely have everyone wanting seconds. Some of our favorite pasta dishes include light spring pastas, meaty ragouts, creamy linguine and spicy spaghetti just to name a few. Don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen to make your favorite pasta dishes? Several pasta recipes only take up to 30 mins to get on the table like our roasted ginger penne with shrimp and garlic, creaming linguine with shrimp and asparagus, or spicy pasta provençal. And for all of our friends with specialty-diets, with so many gluten-free pastas on the market today your pasta meal options are endless. Use these easy pasta recipes for quick dinners or for meal prepping to eat throughout the week!