Bonito Udon Broth Bowl with Poached Egg
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Bonito Udon Broth Bowl with Poached Egg

This bowl has all the makings to become your signature go-to lunch or dinner. The texture: Chewy udon noodles. The taste: Slightly spicy, umami-loaded broth. The protein: Semi-runny, richly flavored poached egg. The seasonings:  Japanese Seven Spice Seasoning and Korean-Style Red Pepper. Served warm by the bowlful, it’s comforting, filling and ready in just 35 minutes.
  • 20m

    prep time

  • 15m

    Cook Time

  • 158


  • 16



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Optional Garnishes

  • Sliced radishes
  • Chopped fresh cilantro
  • Chopped green onions
  • Nori (edible seaweed)


  • Bring stock and mushrooms to boil in large saucepan. Boil 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Add bonito flakes, lemon grass, lime leaves, Korean red pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of the sea salt; let stand until bonito flakes sink to the bottom. Strain broth and reserve. Keep warm.

  • Blanch bok choy in large saucepan of boiling water until bok choy turns bright green and is lightly tender, about 1 minute. Drain immediately. Toss bok choy with sesame oil, Japanese Seasoning and remaining 1/4 teaspoon sea salt in large bowl.

  • To serve, ladle bonito broth into 6 serving bowls. Top each evenly with cooked noodles, seasoned bok choy and a poached egg. Garnish with radishes, cilantro, green onions and nori, if desired. Serve warm.

  • Test Kitchen Tip: Makrut lime leaves are shiny, thick, dark green leaves that grow in doubles—as two connected leaflets. The leaves provide a refreshing lemon-lime aroma and flavor typical of Thai cuisine. To get the maximum amount of flavor when using whole fresh leaves, remove the center stem/vein and discard. Dried leaves can be used whole. Makrut lime leaves are available fresh, frozen or dried in Asian markets and online retailers.

Nutrition information (per Serving)



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