All it takes is flame and flavor. No frills. Nothing fancy. Just high quality herbs, spices, heat and the best tools for the grill.

Bacon Grilling Rblack

Bacon Grilling Rack

Cook bacon strips on the grill without flare-ups from drippings with this easy-to-handle rack. Your bacon will be browned and crispy without any mess!

Barbecue Pitt Mitt

Barbecue Pitt Mitt

The Pit Mitt is a glove for serious grillers. Made of aramid fibers, it provides a protective heat barrier while you flip burgers or chicken on the grill. The silicone-textured surface gives a superior grip so you can easily grasp utensils.

Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Beer Can Chicken Roaster

A time-tested technique for grilling juicy, tender poultry with epic flavor. This non-stick roaster with drip pan and canister makes it even easier to master this technique.


Chili Pepper & Drumette with Corer

Grill classics such as stuffed jalapenos, seasoned drumettes, or create your own epic appetizers. Trim and prep with the stainless steal corer, stuff, place and get grilling. It has never been easier!

Digital Pocket Thermometer

Digital Pocket Thermometer

Take the guesswork out of grilling meat to a perfect degree of doneness with this convenient food thermometer. It provides an instant and accurate digital display so it’s easy to tell when your meat reaches a safe internal temperature.

Dual Handle Safe Scrub Grill Brush

Dual Handle Safe-Scrub Grill Brush

Make clean-up easy with a this grill brush, the dual handles give better leverage to clean grill grates.

Grilling Plancha

Grilling Plancha

Head to the grill and get an authentic, delicious sear on everything from steak and shrimp to smaller vegetables with this handy plancha.


3-In-1 Burger Press, Locking Tongs, & Basting Brush

Mastering the art of grilling requires some essential tools. With the 3-in-1 Burger Press, Locking Tongs and Basting Brush, you’ll have everything you need to achieve big flavor over the flame.

Marinade Injector

Marinade Injector

Infuse flavor into your grilled meats and poultry, keeping them juicy and tender. Use your favorite McCormick Grill Mates marinade for flavorful perfection.

Marinade Turbocharger

Marinade Turbocharger

Super charge your meat with flavor, you'll get a flavorful steak to the grill in no time! A simle way to add big bold flavor to any meal.

Non Stick Grilling Pan

Non-Stick Grilling Pan

Sear, saute, or stir-fry smaller foods on the grill with ease. This non-stick pan makes clean-up a breeze.

Rectangular Grill Press

Rectangular Grill Press

For even cooking and classic grill marks, use to add pressure and heat to all your grilling favorites.

Round Smoker BoWith InstsaSmoke Super Fine Smoking Wood

Round Smoker Box With InstsaSmoke ™ Super-Fine Smoking Wood

Infuse wood smoke flavor into your food. This small-but-mighty smoker box packs big flavor without the hassle of traditional smoking. 

Safe Scrape The Non Bristle Grill Cleaning Tool

Safe Scrape: The Non-Bristle Grill Cleaning Tool

Give your grill a custom clean. This wooden scraping paddle removes debris from grill grates, while the heat and pressure from cleaning slowly shape your paddle so that it fits the grate perfectly. The more you use it, the better it works!

Set of  Meat Claws

Set of 2 Meat Claws

Shred roasted pork and chicken like a pro. After some low and slow cooking, these meat claws are great for lifting or shredding briskets, turkeys and whole chickens.

Set of  Reusae Steak Button Thermometers

Set of 4 Reusable Steak Button Thermometers

Measure the temperature of steaks without cutting or removing from the grill. Your perfectly-cooked steaks will earn rave reviews at the table.

Set of  Flat Skewers

Set of 6 Flat Skewers

Chop, skewer and seasons with the bold flavors of McCormick Grill Mates seasonings. Load up kabobs  with meat and veggies that can take the heat.

Smoker Wood Chip Box

Smoker Wood Chip Box

Add bold smokiness to your cravings, even on a gas grill. As the it heats up, the smoking wood chips infuse your food with flavor.