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        We’re celebrating Father’s Day all month long, inviting dads and father figures to grill with their daughters and the young women in their lives. Together, we’ll give back to people in need, while showing that everyone can be confident behind the grill. Take the #GirlDadGrillDad Challenge with Grill Mates and Mark Consuelos. Together, we’re helping to provide 1.5 Million meals* to Feeding America®! 


        Join the Challenge

        Join father-daughter duo, Mark and Lola Consuelos.  Share your grilling selfie with #GirlDadGrillDad on social media. We’re helping to provide 1.5 million meals to Feeding America on behalf of all the grilling fathers and daughters out there. It just takes a little flame, flavor and quality time together to give back.


        #GirlDadGrillDad Merchandise

        Look your best while giving back. All net proceeds go directly to Feeding America. Each purchase provides up to 60 meals* to families in need*.

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        Fight Hunger with Feeding America

        As the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, Feeding America helps 1 in 7 Americans every year.

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        Mark Consuelos' Garlic & Herb Grilled Halibut Skewers

        Created by McCormick® Grill Mates® in partnership with Mark Consuelos, this quick, easy, and healthy recipe brings a bold favorite to Mark’s favorite thing to grill halibut. Combined with the mild heat of shishito peppers and sweet cherry tomatoes, this dish is the ultimate balance of flame and flavor for your next family cookout.

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        Mark's Grilling Guide

        Spice up your grilling game with Mark’s top six go-to tips:

        1. When using wooden skewers while grilling, you should always soak them in water for around 30 minutes to ensure they don’t burn when they’re placed on a hot grill.
        2. Flip the protein as few times as possible – once is usually enough.  
        3. When grilling my favorite – fish – if you’re not skewering, try using foil.  It helps distribute the heat evenly and prevents any fish from flaking off and falling into the flames. 
        4. Allow your seasoning or marinade to sit for a few hours to guarantee a robust and delicious flavor. If you don’t have time to wait, you can massage the seasoning into your protein using a resealable bag. A few minutes of massage can be equal to hours of marinating time.
        5. The right tools can make a big difference. Nothing beats a quality spatula and tongs, but people often forget the cooling rack. The protein you’re grilling continues to cook a bit after taking it off the heat. Putting everything on a cooling rack after taking it off the grill will get everything to the perfect temperature. 



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        *McCormick & Company will donate $150,000 to Feeding America in support of its mission where $1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.  

        **From June 1 – 25, 2021, McCormick will donate all net proceeds from the sale of limited-edition #GirlDadGrillDad merchandise sold on Amazon to Feeding America. No less than $1.20 from the sale of each product will be donated to Feeding America. To learn more, visit GirlDadGrillDad.com.