OLD BAY® Crab Cakes

If you like Maryland crab cakes, you will love this classic recipe featuring fresh lump crabmeat that is sensationally seasoned with OLD BAY Seasoning.

Serves: Makes 4 servings.
10 mins Prep time 10 mins Cook time
10 mins Prep time
10 mins Cook time
  • Mix bread, mayonnaise, OLD BAY, parsley, mustard and egg in large bowl until well blended. Gently stir in crabmeat. Shape into 4 patties.

  • Broil 10 minutes without turning or fry until golden brown on both sides. Sprinkle with additional OLD BAY, if desired.

Cooking tip

Using OLD BAY® 30% Less Sodium Seasoning saves 83 mg sodium per serving.

Serving Suggestion: Serve crab cakes with McCormick® Original Tartar Sauce for Seafood or McCormick® Original Cocktail Sauce for Seafood.

Nutrition information

(Amount per serving)

  • 206Calories: 206Cholesterol: 169mg
  • Sodium: 676mgProtein: 25g
  • Total Fat: 10gFiber: 0g
  • Carbohydrate: 4g

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  • G on 03/11/2014

    Made these last night as an appetizer, filled a 24 count mini muffin pan and baked at 350 for 20 minutes. Substituted panko for the bread. Devine!

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  • PolishedbyaSmile on 03/14/2013

    love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Daryel on 03/08/2014

    Used this recipe for last night's dinner. I broiled them and they came out great. I will definitely use this recipe again.

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  • Kim T. on 10/02/2016

    Perfect Maryland crab cakes! The only thing that I added to the mix was a little Worcestershire sauce.

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  • Jerry N. on 08/31/2016

    Chesapeake Bay classic!...don't use anything other than domestic crab meat.

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  • Rick L. on 08/12/2016

    Being from Bawldamur, Muralyn, (Crab Cake Promised Land) this has been the recipe used by almost every housewife and it produces Perfect Crab Cakes every time....

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  • Mary f. on 02/29/2016

    Love cra

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  • Lisa M. on 10/18/2015

    Made this recipe tonight from fresh blue crabs caught yesterday here in FL. Only had about 3/4 pound of lumps from 30 crabs, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. They turned our perfwct! Wouldn't change a thing. :-)

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  • helen h. on 08/13/2015

    Easy recipe. I added more crab and used panko and bread crumbs. It was absolutly delicious.

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  • David on 09/01/2016

    Very good. I made mine with smoked sausage but it was hard to keep lit.

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