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        Where Does Flavor Come From?

        Why McCormick?

        There's a world of choice when it comes to spices. But the true difference lies inside — because not all spices are created equal.

        For 125 years, we have picked herbs and spices at the peak of freshness and sealed in all of that flavor for delicious meals that your family will love. And we back each McCormick product with our Fresh Flavor Guarantee.

        By respecting the land and our relationships with suppliers, employees and the communities where we live and work, we strive to bring the world sought-after flavors of the highest quality while protecting the environment.

        Connection to the source

        At McCormick, our sourcing team works with suppliers and processors all over the world. We know the entire history of our products, all the way back to the original source. These strategic relationships in source countries afford us unparalleled understanding and greater control of our supply chain. This participation in the entire process enables us to bring the best herbs and spices to you.

        We also support our farmers and their communities through investment in their health and education.

        Learn more about our Global Community efforts >

        Clean, safe and artificial flavor free

        We test and evaluate the quality and safety of our products through development and delivery. Our Safe Quality Food Certified Supplier rating at our Hunt Valley based plant is a Level 3. That’s as good as it gets, and we intend to keep it that way. Every step of the process is held to rigorous quality standards. For instance, our steam pasteurization process is just one of many steps we take to deliver safe, natural products to you.

        Our expertly blended Recipe Mixes, Seasonings and Stock are made with the same fresh flavor herbs and spices as our bottled spices, and we do not add MSG* or artificial flavors, like other brands.

        Finally, we take the utmost care in delivering a quality product. FlavorSealed™ technology enables us to lock in the flavor and aroma to provide you the best product available at shelf.

        A belief in greater effort for a greater product from field to bottle, that’s the McCormick difference.

        Learn more about our full range of products >

        * Based on US produced products excluding Produce Partners

        What differentiates McCormick –America’s #1 Herb and Spice Brand

        For 125 years, McCormick has picked herbs and spices at the peak of freshness to flavor delicious meals that families love. From choosing quality spices and suppliers to our FlavorSealed™ bottles and a gentle drying technique that retains color, aroma and flavor, McCormick delivers consistent, superior quality every step of the way.

        Commercial: Where does Flavor Come From?

        McCormick explains why every McCormick product provides the freshest flavor possible.