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        Made with Music

        In the small town of Lubbock, Texas, the year is 1968. Good friends have gathered. Music begins to fill the air with vibrations from frayed guitar strings as feet begin to shuffle. This is the place. The restaurant where Stubb’s legendary food and flavor are born. This original home of Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, lives on today in Austin, TX, where it continues to be home to, legendary sauces and world class music. This, is made with music.


        801 Red River Rd.

        801 Red River Rd. in Austin is where legendary Bar-B-Q flavor, the best of legendary and local music, and good company meet under one roof. You’ll come for the food, and you’ll eat ‘till you’re full. It’s that “authenticity only in Austin” attitude that creates amazing BBQ and music that is unforgettable.

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        Stubbs_MadeWithMusic-Savory (1)_png


        Stubb’s Original Bar-B-Q sauces drip with the small-town restaurant vibes of Stubb’s first restaurant location in Lubbock, Texas. These are the sauces made for hall of fame BBQ, watching artists that will soon become legends, and listening to twangy notes waft through the air without a care in the world.

        Original >>    Spicy >>



        Crafted with ingredients that sing, these sticky-sweet sauces were made for warm nights with good friends. These are the flavors for when someone shouts out, "This is my song!" and everyone rushes the dancefloor to one-two step to the sweet notes of BBQ that’s made with music.

        Sweet Honey >>         Sweet Heat >>

        Stubbs_MadeWith-Music-Smokey (1)_png


        An ice-cold drink, a carefree summer breeze, and the legendary notes of Stubb’s smoky-sweet sauce are wafting from the kitchen. This is the sauce for when the houselights go down and you’re instantly hit with the hum of the smoker and the kick of the music. Life (and Stubb’s) are good.

        Smokey Mesquite >>     Smokey Brown Sugar >>

        Stubbs_MadeWithMusic-performance (1)_gif

        Ground Zero

        In the 1970′s, Stubb’s Restaurant became the heart of an explosive music scene - ground zero for famous musicians like Joe Ely and Stevie Ray Vaughn. As Rocky Stubblefield, Stubb’s son, would say, “With Austin being the musical capital of the world, a lot of musicians want to come here and perform and a lot of them consider it an honor to have Stubb’s on their resume.” Although small in size, Stubb’s Restaurant is always filled with good friends, great music and plenty of Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q. The legend continues here in Austin at 801 Red River.

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        Feed Your Soul

        Can’t visit us in person? Get a taste of what it’s like to have BBQ that’s made with music. Whether you’re eating Sweet, Smoky, spicy, or even just original bbq - let the sweet notes of BBQ, and music feed your soul. Playlists made for every occasion and flavor - only on Stubb’s Spotify.

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